Q4 2013 Ecommerce Strategy: Q4 Social Strategy

By Tinuiti Team

65% of Shoppers use social media to find holiday presents. How are you leveraging your social channels for the holiday season? 

Social commerce can be difficult to track and quantify, but its revenue and traffic are no joke. Your social strategy for your online store during and prior to Q4 is big. Here are some ways to get more out of your social campaigns this holiday season.


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Q4 Social Strategy

Regardless of the social ecommerce campaign, there are shared elements every social channel should include.

Social Planning: You likely have a marketing calendar for the Q4 holiday designed for content and other marketing endeavors. Mimic that holiday calendar format for your social campaign and designate what social content you will run, when, and on which social channels. Cyber Monday 2012 was the highest traffic day for the  year. Make sure your calendar is poised to get the most out of high traffic holiday days. See some suggestions for types of social content below.

Remember your social campaign should flow seamlessly with all of your other marketing campaigns, and work together to push traffic and sales.  Utilize email marketing, paid ads, search traffic, content, and similar marketing outlets to augment and compliment social campaigns.

Social Channel Audit: Before you start pushing content, promotions and product on your social channels take a look to make sure that all of your social information is correct, up to date and relevant to your audience.

Social Analytics: Analytics should always be your first stop. Get in-depth information about last years social conversions, and use it to help outline this years social holiday calendar.  Get an idea of which products convert well, year round and during Q4 to promote across your social channels during Q4.

Social Audience: Remember that each social channels has different types of audiences. Tailor your social campaigns to the type of visitor that visits each site, and space campaigns out throughout the season to mix it up.

You’ll also want to track metnions, followers and similar social metrics weekly throughout the holiday season to make sure you are meeting your ROI goals.

Q4 holiday social strategy

Social Budget: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the week of Christmas, and the holiday season overall see a lot of ecommerce traffic. Many shoppers use social as a sounding board or source for gift ideas, so be prepared to spend more during Q4 on your social campaigns. Plan ahead to anticipate higher social spend. Remember your social budget will also

Social Website Integration: For all of your social campaigns, its important that your website experience is fluid and user friendly. Audit your website experience  to make sure you are capitalizing on all of yous social traffic.

Social Mobile Integration: 55 percent of social networking consumption occurs on a mobile device. Make sure your social campaigns and mobile experience are usable and work together seamlessly.

Consumers are expected to redeem 10 billion mobile coupons this year, a 50% leap from 2012.

Facebook Holiday Strategy

facebook social Q4 strategy Facebook is the major social channel ecommerce merchants utilize to engage customers and encourage online purchases. According to HubSpot, 81% of retailers use Facebook to alert shoppers about their in-store holiday deals. Here are some tips to help you get higher conversions and visibilty using Facebook this holiday season.

Online shoppers browse a lot during the holiday season. Change up your facebook visuals to highlight different promotions,sales, gift ideas and contests to get users to return to your Facebook page more.


Twitter Holiday Strategy

Twitter may have a slightly different audience than Facebook, but there are a lot of Twitter users, and they do engage with brands. Below are some insider tips to get more out of your Twitter account for the holiday.

Twitter Q4 holiday social strategy


For Q4 2012, the hashtag #cybermonday generated the most traffic for holiday related tweets on Twitter:

Twitter social strategy, holiday


Youtube Strategy

Video is right on the heels of mobile, and gets a considerable amount of user engagment. Consider the popularity of sites like Snapchat, Instagram and vine with video sharing. You may not want to spend as much time on video, but carve out some time to create and share holiday video content. Here are some quick tips to help you create better holiday videos.

Youtube holiday Q4 social strategy


Instagram & Pinterest Strategy

Instagram and Pinterest can be difficult to translate to conversions, but they are places social visitors are going, and can facilitate both sales and brand perception. To get more out of your Instagram and Pinterest accounts, consider the tips below.

Q4 holiday social strategy pinterest

Whatever social campaigns you leverage this Q4, if nothing else remember to:

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