With the rapid expansion of same day shipping offers from Amazon Fresh and Google Shopping Express, consumer expectations are at an all time high. During Q4, shipping and sales should be a high priority for retailers. Below are 14 shipping and sales tips to prepare for the holiday rush:

Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Holiday Shipping Tips

Q4 holiday fulfillmentShipping in a timely manner is key for online businesses to stay ahead of the Q4 rush. Retailers should keep customers updated on products delivery estimates and include special offers for shipping (free with orders over $99).

  • Create processes for your fulfillment team to handle the influx of orders and keep orders arriving on time.
  • Inform customers of purchase deadlines for gift arrival, “Buy before 12/22 to arrive by Christmas!”
  • Offer free shipping for orders over $99 or another appropriate amount.
  • Leverage email marketing or social media to distribute special shipping offers or discount codes.
  • Provide accurate shipping estimates during checkout.
  • Regularly update consumer’s order status to reassure their gifts will arrive before the Holiday.
  • Clearly outline return policies and order tracking on your site.


Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Holiday Sales Tips

Q4 ecommerce strategyDuring Q4 sales are featured on nearly every ecommerce site, set yourself apart with the following tips.

  • Feature discount shipping rates for bundled items.
  • Maintain a promotional schedule for sales or featured items.
  • Offer a rewards program or coupons to returning customers.
  • Give back and create a sales campaign that donates a % of profits to a local charity.
  • Showcase holiday gift ideas: Best Gifts for Mom, Popular Books Under $20, etc.
  • Use flash sales to highlight a brand or product.
  • Offer gift wrap options on minimum orders.


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