Rory Sutherland is a funny guy with deep insights into product marketing. This humorous, delightfully frank TED talk touches on why certain products sell well and the essence of marketing: how perception can alter value and purchase decisions.

This is great content to pass along to your marketing guys. Key takeaways at the bottom.

Rory Sutherland: Life Lessons From An Ad Man

Key Takeaways:

You knew perception was a huge part of marketing and an equally significant factor in generating sales. But a surprising revelation from this talk is the proven fact that cheap, undervalued products can be completely revamped through developing a new perception around it.

Got under-performing products? It’s possible (and highly intuitive) to focus almost entirely on your top-sellers because they’re your main moneymakers.

Instead, try focusing your efforts on re-branding those under-performers through unique marketing campaigns (just a couple of ways):

  • Blog post series highlighting those products in a new light
  • Re-worded product descriptions
  • New product images, etc.

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