TODAY: Shopping Cart Abandonment Webinar

By Tinuiti Team

Retailers lose 18 billion in revenue annually due to shopping cart abandonment, and 90% of online leads go cold after one hour.

cart abandonment webinar

Learn how to use Google Shopping and proprietary customer retention strategies to regain cart abandoners and prevent shoppers from leaving at all part of the conversion funnel today.

Tune in to today’s Acting On Shopping Cart Abandonment

New Revenue Recovery Strategies from CPC Strategy & UpSellitMarch 13, 2014 | 11 am PST

With retail search experts Rick Backus and Max Loewenthal, who have over 17 years of PPC, revenue retention and retail search experience.

Cart Abandonment Best Practices You’ll Learn:

  • Customer retention strategy for long term ecommerce success
  • How to retain customers during all parts of the conversion funnel
  • 2 integral ways to distinguish yourself as a seller and increase conversions
  • Reasons for abandonment & how to act on it
  • Different types of abandonment you aren’t addressing

revenue retention webinar

Even if you can’t make it sign up to get the recording, and get your Shopping Cart Abandonment questions answered!

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