SEM Safety Tips: An Elite SEM PPC Guide

By Tinuiti Team

We’ve all been there.  Your account is running as usual.  You’ve been working on optimizing for weeks and you’re finally starting feel like things are going in the right direction.  Maybe you are managing more than just your company’s paid search efforts so you don’t log in and check your account metrics for a day or two, or maybe a week (but we hope not that long).  That’s when it happens…your entire account (or a major campaign, ad, or keyword) is offline and has been for 2 days!  What’s going on?  How do we fix it?  And, what was the damage???

Today we want to talk about those emergency PPC situations, and how we, as a group of search engine marketing experts, can help avoid them in the first place.

Ads and campaigns can go down for multiple reasons.  It is possible an ad or keyword was declined due to a policy guideline or trademark issue.  You may have a problem with billing in terms of the credit card on file or the account being over a credit limit. Your account may have also potentially reached an IO (“media contract”) end date you weren’t aware of.  There are many things going on in your daytoday life, both in and out of work, and without the proper safety nets in place the potential for a weekday fire drill is always there.

Hopefully you’ve never experienced these types of events, but we can promise you they are real occurrences that happen every day to advertisers around the globe.

We’ve compiled a list of the top four things every pay-per-click manager should be doing to make sure their ads are running properly at all times, without any hiccups.  More importantly, if anything does happen, you’ll be the first to be alerted of the issue so you can immediately address it.

Without further ado, here’s your Elite SEM PPC safety guide:

Elite SEM Search Account Safety Guide:  Our Top Four SEM Safety Tips

Safety Tip #1: Make sure an email address that you check regularly and/or comes to your phone is set up for important email account notifications!


To add an email address to your Google account for notifications follow these steps:

Log in > go to the My Account drop down > Select Account Access > Click the “invite other users” button > Add your Email

Expert Insight: What can I do to link multiple accounts to my email address when Google only allows my work email to be linked to one account?

It’s a known issue from industry insiders that Google only allows a singular email address to be linked to one Adwords account.

There are a few “workarounds” for this issue.

Option 1

Option 2


Safety Tip #2: Have a secondary/backup credit card on your account (not applicable for invoiced accounts).

There are many reasons why problems arise.  The question is what do we do to protect ourselves?

To add a secondary credit card to your Google account, follow these steps:

Log in > Go to the billing drop down > Go to billing settings > Enter a new form of payment different from your primary card

Safety Tip #3: Find your Yahoo/MSN IO end date and put a reminder in your calendar one month before this happens (applicable to Google as well).

Safety Tip #4: Setup automated reporting that gets sent to your email address to ensure things are going smoothly on a daily basis.

To set up a recurring report in your Google account, follow these steps:

Setting up a recurring report for multiple accounts:

Log in to your MCC > go to the Client reporting drop down > Create report > Select the options of the specific report you would like to create > Click Email and schedule report > Select who you would like to get the report and select the frequency > Hit create

Setting up a recurring report for one single account:

Log in to your account > Hit the download button on the type of report you’d like to pull directly in the interface (campaign report being the most likely) > Click Email and schedule report > Select who you would like to get the report and select the frequency > Hit create


There you have it.  The four Elite SEM safety tips every online marketer should know.  Always better to be safe than sorry.

So go do yourself a favor and link your accounts to your email ASAPWhile you’re there, also make sure you add in that extra credit card and get your IO end date (whichever is applicable to your account), and set up some recurring reports.  It definitely can’t hurt!  We guarantee that you don’t want to be the last person to realize there’s a major issue with your online marketing account.

A special thanks to Zach Paul of Elite SEM Philadelphia for helping me write this article for the Elite SEM blog.


If you have more safety tips that you use post them in the comments, in my Google + community for Search Engine Marketing ( ),  or email me at [email protected].

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