Social Advertising News Roundup

By Tinuiti Team

For many brands, the consumers they want to reach are using social media all the time. These customers want to have an authentic conversation, whether it is with their friends or with a brand. As a result, social networks and brands alike continue to grow their marketing strategies to embed search and social into brand engagement. With that in mind, the latest news in social advertising have created new points of emphasis for marketers heading into 2014.

Google Plus
Google Plus’ +Post ads pushes content out to a bigger audience, while also letting consumers talk to the brand through the advertising. Now, +Post Ads’ ability to increase the level of conversations online and reach consumers will become even stronger.

A new +Post ad system has been introduced in which brands’ photos, videos or Hangouts can be ran across Google Display. The idea is for “brands think of the entire web as their social stream. “As a result, the inclusion of these new media ads in Display will encourage engagement, social shares and click-through rates. Also, this allows brands to become more creative in mediums and designs in which they decide to advertise on these platforms.

Twitter has revamped its retargeting, called Tailored Audiences, which was released earlier this week. The social network’s new advertising tool gives marketers access to several new targeting options besides location and gender. Furthermore, the retargeting strategy can be used across numerous networks, included but not limited to Facebook, DoubleClick, and AdRoll. Twitter has been testing out “Tailored Audiences” since July, and will allow businesses to utilize Promoted Tweets in user’s Twitter feeds.

Unsurprisingly, the organic reach of unpaid Facebook business posts has declined dramatically. In their latest sales deck obtained by Ad Age, Facebook has noted that organic distribution will be harder to come by without paying for it.

With more brands sharing their messages in Facebook, the best way to reach users is to pay for Sponsored Posts. In their latest sales deck obtained by Ad Age, Facebook has noted that organic distribution will be harder to come by if businesses don’t open up their wallets It is already tough for marketers to reach new Facebook users without paying for it. That won’t be changing anytime soon.

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