New Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories Testing Begins

By Tinuiti Team

Starting this month, (select) advertisers will have access to Facebook’s latest beta program: Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories.

According to the announcement, the new feature will allow advertisers to have up to three pieces of media per Stories ad, before it was just one.

What are Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories?

Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories behave the same way as other Stories content, meaning you can tap through, swipe back and forth or pause the content whenever you’d like.

Now with two additional pieces of media, advertisers can add depth to their storytelling in the same way the community does today.

Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories

“Since launching Instagram Stories, we’ve seen the community flex its creativity in ways that delighted us. From face filters to superzoom to gif stickers, Stories has completely changed the way people share and express themselves on Instagram. And businesses are embracing that creativity too. For example, a luxury shoe retailer recently encouraged shoppers to “hold and pause” on their favorite pair as the brand flashed through its new line.”Instagram’s Business Blog

Keep in mind, the new feature is in a closed beta but according to Instagram, businesses like Gap (@gap) are already incorporating “native elements—like pinning and drawing tools—and using the additional space to highlight more of their campaign”.

What are Instagram Stories?

As most advertisers know, the Instagram audience is pretty receptive to brands, and the biggest advantage retailers have is the ability to target and retarget users piggybacking on Facebook’s technology.

In January 2017, Instagram Stories Advertising was launched as a new way to place full size, targeted ads on Instagram for businesses.

These ads were designed to be displayed between other Instagram Stories for a more immersive viewing experience where the ads become part of a viewer’s Feed.

So far, global brands including Capital One, Nike, and Airbnb have implemented Instagram Stories Ads and the results they report are impressive.

ads in instagram stories

How Instagram Stories Work

Instagram Stories Ads allow businesses to create picture or short video ads either on Facebook or Instagram and capture their target audience who viewed the ads on their Facebook or Instagram Feed.

Instagram Stories Ads can only be published to Instagram Stories, but similar other posts on Instagram, they can be shared to Facebook Feed as well. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account via the Instagram app or website.

Instagram Stories Ads features the same measurement tools as Facebook and Instagram Feeds and allows ads to be published relatively quickly. Using these tools, businesses can be confident which ads are most effective and how they can reach a wider audience for greater exposure.

In May 2017, new objectives became available, giving businesses the ability to purchase ads in Instagram Stories across additional objectives:

Want to learn more?

Check out “What Every Business Should Know About Instagram Stories Ads” or download our custom “Instagram Story Ad – Cheat Sheet” below:

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