Pinterest is now letting advertisers in the U.S. and U.K. engage in impression-based buys during ad auctions. They are able to buy ads based on how much they’re willing to pay for each impression. These ads are suitable to appear in the same areas as other auction-based ads, including search results, home feeds, and category feeds.

As a marketer, just imagine how many more people you could reach this way. It’s certainly helpful if you care about visibility more than consumer engagement from the get-go.

You can have more control over the amount of money you spend on social advertising, allowing you to make smarter choices for conversion optimization. It can be easier for you to create a sustainable budget around social media advertising via Pinterest.

How Many Times Do You Want People to See Your Ads?

There’s more to impression-based buys through ad auctions. You can even choose the maximum number of times you want people to see your ads. Pinterest will work to get your ads seen by the most amount of people, giving you better visibility.

This isn’t only tied with how much money you’re willing to fork over; it’s also tied to how narrow or broad your audience is. So, you have more flexible spending as well as more flexible ad-viewing options. This is a wonderful combination for your brand awareness initiatives.

For example, impression-based advertising on Pinterest is great for spreading awareness about a new product or service of your brand. It can serve as a directional metric. Based on the impressions you get, you can better determine how well-received this product or service will be, in terms of leads and conversions later on. It’s about building up the momentum of interest among consumers before tailoring engagement and conversion techniques to your target audience.

Pinterest believes you’ll get more impressions for your campaign at more efficient rates and drive higher results. Do you agree? Whatever your opinion is, we want to help you land business leads and conversions through the proper acquisition of impressions. We specialize in paid social advertising along with a variety of other services. For more helpful information, learn how we experimented with Facebook Ads to sell out the Spurs Arena.

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