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By Tinuiti Team

Google announced the arrival of Google Shopping Campaigns in late October (2013), as a new way to break out Product Listing Ads campaigns for Google Shopping. Google Shopping Campaigns allow advertisers to easily structure product ads with a more intuitive ad creation, and less need to access the data feed.

Like any beta program, Google Shopping campaigns has some features which aren’t useful, and continues to make  updates such as the ability to change multipe bids (earlier this month)  based on merchant feedback.

Google Shopping PLAs

Google Product Titles Appended to Product Ids

Google Shopping campaigns latest update provides increased visibility for product information within AdWords.

Formerly with Google Shopping Campaigns, advertisers saw product Ids within product groups to use for segmenting product groups. Google’s recent update appends those product Ids with the product title, which helps advertisers better identify which products to create product groups for without needing to look outside of AdWords.

Now that advertisers can see the titles they now know exactly what product(s) is being changed directly in the login.

Here is a look at how the added product titles appear in AdWords alongside product Ids:

Google Shopping campaign news

“The difference is before we only saw “ids” which can just be random 5 digit numbers or something that doesn’t really identify the product, so while changing bids on a product we’d have no idea what product we were adjusting unless we reference it in the feed.” -Tien Nguyen, CPC Strategy Co-Founder 


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