3 Reasons You Need to Switch to Google Shopping Campaigns Today

By Tinuiti Team

Google Shopping Campaigns upgrades Product Listing Ads automatically in less than 25 days. Are you prepared for the switch?

3 Things to make you think twice about waiting to switch to Google Shopping Campaigns

1. 85% of PLA advertisers have switched to Google Shopping Campaigns

The majority of advertisers on Google Shopping have already switched over to the new campaign type. This means that these sellers are testing their ad groups and Google’s new tools right now.

Retailers on Shopping Campaigns early earn a competitive advantage not only by familiarizing themselves with the new inventory format and management system, but also by testing Google’s new tools such as the Bulk Uploader, to determine how to increase sales and exposure on Google search.

In addition to gaining a competitive advantage with Google Shopping Campaigns by getting started early, you should also be aware that Google’s inventory labels are changing with the new campaign. This means the custom ad group labels (AdWords_Label) you are using right now aren’t going to translate over to the new campaign. In addition, you are limited to 5 labels with Shopping Campaigns. Take the time to analyze your campaign and identify which custom labels you’d like to maintain now.

2. Google Shopping Campaigns upgrades how PLAs are created and managed

Google Shopping Campaigns completely changes how inventory is submitted to Google- in fact Google updated its product format requirements recently for mobile and availability specifications.

In addition to how merchants submit product information for Google ads, Shopping Campaigns completely changes how product ads in AdWords are created and structured. If you are unfamiliar or inexperienced with campaign break out, you run the risk of wasting ad spend on ad groups and campaigns.

Even if you understand the new Shopping Campaign structure, you will likely still want to re-think you’re existing PLA ad structure, as Shopping Campaigns segment all ad groups from your entire inventory. This changes how ads are structured withing the entire campaign compared to how PLAs function currently, and will require some planning on your part.

3. Google will automatically update campaigns that haven’t switched by its August deadline

Google hasn’t noted what will happen to existing Product Ad information or format when Google Shopping Campaigns replace product ads at the end of August. Which makes me wonder where that data will go, and if it will be available following the switch.

With the automatic campaign switch Google has also not indicated if it will continue to keep your ads live, or how the structure will translate over. For any seller on Google, this presents some interesting maybes which you’re likely to want to avoid altogether.


 Ready to make the switch?

Learn how to transition to Shopping Campaigns painlessly, and increase conversions with the new ad format!

Google Shopping Campaigns switch PLAs

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