Google Sponsored Box on Google Shopping?!

By Tinuiti Team

Breaking news: Google is now including the Sponsored Box on Google Shopping comparison pages.

Check it out (click to enlarge and look at the sponsored call out right above the Base Price column):

Retailers that don’t have PLA campaigns running are STILL included in these results. Google hasn’t begun excluding retailers who aren’t paying. Google isn’t even penalizing retailers who aren’t paying yet.

But presumably, retailers who don’t bid will be pushed to the back starting next month – Google did say that 50% of Google Shopping is going to go towards paid listings so I’d guess one of the ways they’re going to do this is by pushing retailers who don’t pay farther back on their comparison pages.

One other thing to look at which is new is the ‘Accepts Google Wallet’ call out Google is putting on various webstores. This highlights their listings. Check out the Google Wallet logos on the sellers below:

They also had this call out when you visited Google Shopping:

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