Shopzilla Announces New Biddable Categories

By Tinuiti Team


Shopzilla recently unveiled four new biddable categories within the seller account.  Shopzilla's announcement reads:

As of August 11, 2011 we introduced four new biddable categories: Wet Suits, Digital Picture Frames, Fireplace Parts & Accessories and Rugs. Products moved into these categories will retain their current bid. Please update your bids as necessary.

Merchants that are currently listing their inventory on Shopzilla should review their product-level bids for items that fall into any of the above-mentioned categories.  Current bids will be unaffected so there shouldn't be a large shift in bid competition as a result of the new categories, but the better targeted bid functionality give merchants more levers to pull in order to meet their target ROI.

Don't rely on the shopping engines to automatically map your products to their correct categories (and cost-per-click rates).  If you are selling products in any of the affected categories make sure to review your data feeds to make sure that you are marketing your products in the most relevant places and always try to increase the quality of each click to your webstore.

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