Switch Product Listing Ads to Google Shopping Campaigns in AdWords

By Tinuiti Team

If you sell on Google, you have less than 100 days to transition your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to Google Shopping Campaigns, the new campaign structure. Shopping Campaigns replace PLAs in August, and have demonstrably positive metrics for merchants including higher ROI, lower COS and increased conversions.

AdWords Shopping Campaigns performance


Switch to Google Shopping Campaigns in AdWords

If you’re running PLAs currently, here are 5 steps to transition over to Shopping Campaigns smoothly.

1. Pause Product Listing Ads

Once you have Shopping Campaigns set up you’ll need to pause your PLA campaign to avoid overlap.

 AdWords Google Shopping Campaigns

You may want to leave your Product Listing Ads Campaign live for a couple of days while you test Shopping Campaigns to ensure your ads are built properly, but be sure to monitor the campaigns carefully.

2. Copy your PLA settings to Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns shares the same settings as Product Listing Ads. Copy over your settings from PLAs such as Budget, Mobile Bid Adjustment, Ad Schedules, etc. for your Shopping Campaigns ads.

Google Shopping Campaigns PLAs

3. Copy your AdWords_Labels over to Custom Label columns

Shopping Campaigns custom labels are essentially the same thing as AdWords_labels for Product Listing Ads. Google will not use your AdWords_Labels columns when as an option when creating custom ad groups in Shopping Campaigns. Also keep in mind custom labels are limited in number (there are 5: Labels 0-4), and retailers can only use one label per column with custom labels.

AdWords Shopping campaign labels

From here you can build out your campaign with sub- groups and specific bids for each group.

 Google Shopping Campaign Setup

For Shopping Campaign best practices, tips on switching your campaign over painlessly, and getting the most out of campaign new features, watch the on Demand Webinar with Google.


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