is the third-most-shopped retailer in the U.S., surpassing Target, Costco, and eBay. It’s no secret that the retail giant has been working hard to catch up to Amazon in all things ecommerce. Last year, they launched Walmart Plus, their answer to the Amazon Prime membership program. 

In June, Walmart also ran Deals for Days, their version of Prime Day. In this article, we’ll recap Walmart’s Deals for Days, including best practices for brands selling and advertising during future sales events. 

What is Walmart Deals for Days?

Amazon launched Prime Day in 2015. Now, nearly every major retailer runs a rival sale around the same time as Prime Day — and Walmart is no exception.

Walmart ran its “Deals for Days” sale from June 20 to 23, 2021. (Prime Day 2021 spanned just two days, June 21-22.) The sale featured deep discounts on a variety of products, including electronics, apparel, kitchen gadgets, and much more.

The promotion led to a spike in sales on, with Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) 25% higher during this year’s Prime Day (June 21-22) vs. a normal day (June 14-15). Electronics saw the biggest jump in sales, with GMV in the electronics category 62% higher compared to a normal day.

How do brands advertise on Deals for Days?

Advertising on via the Walmart Sponsored Products program can give your items a boost in visibility and sales. Sponsored Products is a year-round CPC (cost-per-click) service, but it’s particularly useful during a shopping surge like Deals for Days or the holiday shopping season.

There are two types of Sponsored Products ads: Search In-Grid Results and Carousels.

1. Walmart Sponsored Products: Search In-Grid Results



In-grid sponsored products are CPC ads that appear within the first three pages of search results, driving traffic to relevant Walmart product detail pages. The advertiser controls how much they spend by setting budgets and bids, and only pays when a user clicks on the ads. These ads are available for both manual and automatic ad campaigns.

To be eligible for this ad placement, the products you wish to advertise must already surface organically within the first 128 search result positions. If your product is truly relevant for a search, chances are you’re already showing within these 128 results, with advertising offering a fast track to even greater visibility. (Learn how to improve your organic visibility with this guide to Walmart SEO.)

2. Walmart Sponsored Products: Carousels



Carousel ads appear in a variety of locations across, including the homepage, search results, and product detail pages. All carousel placements are available for automatic campaigns, while only the search carousel is available for manual campaigns.

Unlike search in-grid ads, the items you wish to promote through Carousels do not have to appear in the top 128 organic listings.

In addition to the placements noted above, ads may also appear within personalized shopper carousels. These carousels can include items that customers also viewed, considered, or ultimately purchased.

Best practices for brands selling on Deals for Days

The best way to approach Sponsored Products for Deals for Days is to think about which of your products could benefit from a push during the sales event.

Ideally, these products are high-performing SKUs that fit into one of the top Deals for Days categories

  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Home products
  • Small appliances 
  • Consumables
  • Toys

As shoppers look for Walmart deals on products in those and adjacent categories, a Sponsored Product listing makes it more likely that they’ll come across your product as well. To turn those impressions into conversions, your product does need to be competitively priced with Walmart’s deep discounts.

Walmart also recommends following this checklist for the best Sponsored Products campaign results:

  • Product is in stock
  • Product is winning the Buy Box
  • Product is published
  • Title is accurate and specific
  • Images are high quality
  • Description includes all relevant details
  • Variants information is included
  • Keywords are relevant to products in ad group
  • Branded and seasonal keywords are included (if applicable)

Learn more about advertising on Amazon Marketplace in this guide. 

The Tinuiti Advantage for Walmart Advertising

As of May 2021, Tinuiti is proud to be just 1 of 8 Walmart Advertising API partners.

“As one of the first firms to focus on the Amazon Marketplace, we’ve tested and learned a lot over the years. Now, as leaders in this space, we’re writing the playbook on Walmart advertising, while dedicating the time and resources needed to develop our partnership to align with Walmart’s growth,” said Nii Ahene, Tinuiti’s chief strategy officer in the announcement earlier this year.


nii ahene


With seller success at the foundation of every decision we make — coupled with our deep understanding of Walmart’s advertising capabilities — we thoughtfully work to increase your exposure on and off-site, regularly adjusting campaigns as needed based on performance.

“First and foremost, we need data and we need learnings, and this is why we have our autos (automatic campaigns) set at the foundation. We leverage our autos for more placements, more opportunities to perform, and more opportunities to generate performance data. We then leverage that performance data to identify key strategic products to break out into manual (keyword) targeted campaigns.”

Stuart Clay, Associate Director of Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti
Stuart Clay
Ready to expand beyond Amazon advertising, or take your existing Walmart advertising strategy to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about how Tinuiti’s marketplace team can help you make the most of your Walmart sales through the industry’s most comprehensive Walmart marketing program.

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