Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging: Improve Buy Box & Protect Against Unauthorized Sellers

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What is Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging?

Amazon works with manufacturers to box products in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP), which reduces the overall amount of packing materials used.

Additionally, FFP can also improve a brand’s Buy Box percentage and help protect them against unauthorized resellers. 

Consumer Benefits of Amazon Frustration Free Packing include:


One of the first products to launch in Frustration-Free Packaging was the Fisher-Price Imaginext Adventures Pirate Ship. The example below highlights the improvements Fisher-Price made when they designed a Frustration-Free Packaging option for the product.



Authorization to Sell Frustration-Free Packaging ASINs

FFP ASINs are restricted and only manufacturers or authorized sellers are allowed to sell FFP products on Amazon.

If you are an authorized seller of an FFP product, you can request authorization to sell the FFP product on Amazon. If you are not the brand/manufacturer, you need authorization from the brand/manufacturer to list against the FFP ASIN.

Essentially, if a brand’s existing packaging qualifies for FFP, Amazon will not allow any other unauthorized sellers to bid against that listing (without their approval under FFP). As a result, FFP can provide brands with a significant advantage over the Buy Box and help protect them against unauthorized sellers.

jared-bucciAccording to Jared Bucci Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy, success on Amazon is often attributed to “product reviews and sales history behind an ASIN”.

If an unauthorized reseller tries to sell your product without approval (according FFP guidelines) they would not be able to and would have to create their own new listing with zero product reviews and zero sales history.

“That in itself would make it difficult to have a successful product launch and is going to deter unauthorized resellers,” Bucci said.

Trophy Skin, a skincare tool provider (microdermabrasion, acne and anti-aging products) recently received approval for FFP and has already seen significant buy box improvement.

trophy-skin“The process took us at least 2 months, there is very little documentation on how it works and how to go about getting certified, other than whats on the FFP page for sellers,” Imran Karim Trophy Skin Founder said.

“We waited a long time for them to come back with us on changes to the packaging in order to meet their requirements. We’re still going through this for the rest of our product line now.”

To request authorization, sellers must provide:



Sales of FFP products are subject to the following restrictions:


To apply to sell a restricted FFP ASIN:

1. Ensure you have gathered all of the information described above.

2. Complete the online enrollment.

The online enrollment consists of the following steps:

A. In the Amazon catalog, locate the product you want authorization to sell.

B. Confirm that your product adheres to the FFP Guidelines and that you will only sell it in “New” condition.

C. Upload pictures of your FFP product. You must submit a minimum of two pictures of the product: one that displays the top/front of the package showing the seal, and one that displays the product identifier barcode. You must submit pictures of the actual units, not stock marketing photos.

D. Upload your authorized reseller documentation. Once you submit your request, Seller Support will evaluate your request and supporting documents.

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging: Vendor Requirements





As seen below, Amazon currently offers over 180,000 products with Frustration-Free Packaging



For more information about Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging and eligible items, go to Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

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