What Are The Best Landing Page Tools for Retailers?

By Tinuiti Team

Advertising online without a landing page is like taking a road trip without a destination. It leaves the user lost, meandering through your site, unsure what action they’re supposed to take or what they should be looking at.

In short: it rarely leads to a conversion and is a veritable waste of ad dollars.

Still, many marketers don’t use landing pages (and only about half of those marketers test their pages). It either seems too daunting and advanced, or they’re just not sure where to begin—how to create one, how to optimize it or how to measure its results.

Fortunately, as landing pages have grown in use, so have the tools out there to help create and manage them. Need help driving your leads toward conversion? Here are the best landing page tools to help you do it:

The Best Landing Page Tools for Retailers

Not the most tech-savvy of your team? Don’t have a lick of graphic design training? Don’t fret. There are landing page design tools that can help.


One of the most popular landing page tools around, Unbounce helps you build pages quickly, easily and without a whole lot of technical know-how.


Price: $79 to $399 per month


Known for its ability to capture and collect email subscribers, Leadpages is one of the most trusted landing page tools in the book. It even works with text and social media lead generation efforts—something few other tools can boast.


Price: $25 to $199 per month


Designed specifically for marketing agencies with lead generation efforts of their own (as well as for their clients), Instapage says it’s “guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.”


Pricing: $68 to $203 per month


One of the biggest pros of using LeadFormly over other tools is that it offers you a money-back guarantee. If you don’t get more leads, you get a full refund—so what’s there to lose?


Pricing: $37 to $149 per month

Landing Page Testing Tools

A/B testing is crucial with any marketing tactic, but it’s particularly effective for landing pages. In fact, President Obama was able to raise an additional $60 million in fundraising thanks to properly tested landing pages. These landing page optimization tools may not deliver that kind of ROI, but they’re certainly point you in the right direction.

Visual Website Optimizer

VWO combines it all—A/B testing, visitor research and heatmaps to help you maximize the number of leads your pages convert.


Pricing: $299 to $599 per month


Using heatmaps and visualization tools, CrazyEgg helps you understand where, when and why visitors are leaving your landing pages.

Founded by Neil Patel, it’s a popular tool with those in the industry.


Pricing: $9 to $99 per month


Billed as an “experimentation platform,” Optimizely lets you test pages across versions, devices and screens and ensure your user experience (and conversion rate) is flawless.


Pricing: Optimizely doesn’t publish pricing; contact their sales department for more info.

Google Optimize

This A/B testing tool integrates with Google’s own AdWords and Analytics platforms, allowing you to create and test landing pages tied to specific keywords, ad groups, conversion goals and campaigns.
You can also use it to test web page variants and other customized content to see which fares better with your audiences.
google optimize

With the analytics-backed power of Optimize, you’d be able to see which of those fared better, as well as drilled-down details about the audience, geo location, devices and more for each page.

In AdWords, you can even check out landing page data like:

Basically, Optimize lets you create highly optimized, customized customer experiences based on the drilled-down insights you already have through Analytics and AdWords.

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