Top Email Marketing Services: iContact Email Marketing Service Review

By Tinuiti Team

iContact is an email marketing service for small business owners interested in integrating their social media and email marketing campaigns.

We evaluated the features of iContact in depth to help business owners make informed decisions about their email marketing services.

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iContact Review At First Glance

One of the first things you will notice about iContact are their dynamic email marketing templates. These templates were crafted for professionals who need to stand out from the crowd. With their customization features you can create an email template that can match your current company branding.

iContact has an intense focus on connecting your email and social media campaigns. A large part of their ecosystem is devoted to integrating these two marketing channels, so your email marketing can affect your social media campaigns and vice versa.

This allows you to create a unified marketing campaign online to maintain a unified brand across different platforms. Something small business owners are very interested in as they look to create a name for themselves.

Who’s Best Suited for iContact?

iContact caters to smaller entrepreneurs and business professionals. Their sleek designs make them an attractive option compared to AWeber or Mailchimp. Additionally, other features on the site like a Marketing Glossary for new business owners, and low subscriber plans are indications that the company helps new email marketers learn the ropes of email marketing with them.

For small business owners who are constantly struggling against the big box competitors, having a solution ideally suited for their needs is helpful in creating the right message for their email marketing campaigns. The right technology for the right business model.

iContact also has a store of blog posts, videos, and other content available for their customers and prospects. They understand that hand holding might be necessary to get the business moving in the right direction with their email marketing platform.

iContact Pricing


The pricing is generally in line with the industry with the starter $14 per month package for 500 subscribers or less. AWeber’s lowest program is $19 per month for 500 subscribers. GetResponse does have a $15 per month package for 1000 users.

However, the fees are almost identical for every other level of subscribers. For example, at 2500 subscribers all three are right around $29 per month. That is because most email marketing services use similar benchmarks for determining the price of their email marketing services.

iContact Features & Usability

Notable iContact Users

Want to get a feel for different businesses using iContact? Here are a few small business owners who use iContact for their email marketing.


Bottom Line

iContact is a good tool for new business owners just starting with email marketing. They have templates and user interface to help you create well designed emails efficiently.

Additionally, they have an account management staff available to cater to your needs, so you can quickly get your questions answered. Most business owners will find iContact a great tool for their business, because of all the small things that the service does for entrepreneurs.

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