Google’s New Manufacturer Center: Tipping the Scale for Brand Owners

By Tinuiti Team

On July 21st, Google launched a new tool to expand their Google Shopping offerings. The tool is called Google Manufacturer Center and is in its alpha version. Google Manufacturer Center allows users to “provide authoritative product information to online shoppers.”[1] This offers new opportunities for merchants to interact with potential customers while accurately representing their product offerings.

Dominating Customer Screens

The first benefit of Google Manufacturer Center is that it allows advertisers to expand their product descriptions. With larger descriptions advertisers can provide additional information, which could increase conversion rates. In their example Google shows a mobile search for Nexus 6 Android phones. The search results include the phone’s operating system, screen size, camera resolution, and weight – far more detail than one can currently convey in a text or shopping ad. This expanded product description will allow advertisers to completely dominate customer screens. In addition to the extra real estate, this tool offers advertisers multiple opportunities to sell people on a product’s value before buyers even go to the website.

Not only is Google offering increased product description space, they’re adding new insights on how each product performs. One such insight is “how many times shoppers click on [an advertiser’s] products versus competing products in their category.” This information allows advertisers to dig into their products’ performance and minutely analyze how customers react to the expanded descriptions.

Google Manufacturer Center is available to a select group of alpha-testing advertisers in the United States. For now only those who received an email invitation can log in to the tool, but if you’re interested in participating Google provides a Manufacturer Center Contact Form. Google limits account creation to “brand manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers of own-brand products who manufacture products and own the licensing rights to that product.” Products submitted to Google Manufacturer Center also must follow the Program Policies.

This new tool could tip the shopping campaign scales toward brand owners, so if you’re looking to dominate your brand’s online shopping experience, check out Google Manufacturer Center today.

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