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June 7, 2022 | New York City & Virtual

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The New ,New Normal

Chaos, Complexity & Change

Hello, Marketer. Welcome to 2022. You’re not the same person you were two years ago. And guess, what? Neither is your customer. After two years of flank-speed growth, ecommerce is facing strong headwinds as changed consumer behaviors, new market forces, and global tensions, all come into play.

As brands try to adjust to this ‘new, new normal,’ Tinuiti Live 2022 is here to help you make order of the Chaos, navigate the Complexity, and get out in front of the Change.

The Livestream Experience

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A Virtual Front Seat

Top Brands, Top Marketers

Streamed to you live from New York City, a daylong line-up designed to get your brand out ahead of the future of marketing.

Tinuiti partners with some of the most innovative, forward-thinking brands, platforms, and thought leaders. Hear straight from them how they’ve solved the paradox of growth and profitability in ecommerce. With each session is tied back to action – not theory – and grounded in measurement best practices and standards.

The Live Experience

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Live, from New York

Putting the “Live” back into Tinuiti Live

Come and network with marketers from the top brands and platforms at our cutting-edge event space in the heart of Times Square. Besides all the cutting-edge content, enjoy lunch, a cocktail reception, and other fun activations throughout the day.

Keynote Speakers

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Hayet Rida
Keynote Graphic Steve

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Featured Brands

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Chapter 1: Chaos

Rethink what you think you know about Marketing, Social, and Supply Chain.

  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Dalton Dorné
Dalton Dorné CMO | Tinuiti
Zach Morrison
Zach Morrison CEO | Tinuiti
  • Keynote
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Triller’s Chief Growth Officer is one of the foremost-awarded marketing executives in the world, the host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles, and one of the youngest executives at a Fortune 50 Company. Bonin will address where brands and consumers are today, and how brands should rethink everything they are doing and how they measure it.
Bonin Bough
Bonin Bough Chief Growth Officer | Triller
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Let’s be honest. A lot of marketers never saw the TikTok tsunami coming. The way we market on Social has changed forever. A few years ago, you could get away with building your business off of acquisition ads on Facebook. Given privacy changes – and the proliferation and evolving marketing of other Social platforms – those days are over. There are not many brands that have been as agile and successful in leveraging full-funnel solutions and tapping creators to drive ROAS than wellness brand and Tinuiti client, Liquid I.V.The brand’s holistic Paid Social approach through creative platform placements spanning Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, and TikTok has paid massive dividends. Join this session with Brooke Cullison, Senior Acquisition Manager, Liquid I.V., and Avi Ben-Zvi, VP, Paid Social, Tinuiti, to learn how you can proactively adapt your marketing organization so you’re ready for the Next Big Thing in Social.
Brooke Cullison
Brooke Cullison Sr. Acquisition Manager | Liquid IV
Avi Ben-Zvi
Avi Ben-Zvi VP, Paid Social | Tinuiti
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Over the last 2.5 years, so many brands have struggled with lots of start-and-stop to keep operations running and supplies in stock. Between Supply Chain woes, skyrocketing costs, and scarcity of raw materials and components – many businesses have struggled with decreased YoY revenue. Not the case for LT Apparel Group, Tinuiti’s Full-service and Operations client for 6+ years. The brand saw an average of 63 percent growth on a large eight-figure annual Amazon business during the COVID period. Find out how at this session with Richard Sutton, CEO at LT Apparel Group, and Phil Stolt, Tinuiti SVP, Retail Operations. Hear how they executed an Amazon strategy that covered price increases, product, inventory planning, and negotiations with Amazon to achieve such stunning success.
Richard Sutton
Richard Sutton CEO | LT Apparel Group
Phil Stolt
Phil Stolt SVP, Retail Operations | Tinuiti

12:10PM ET

Chapter 2: Complexity

Navigating the explosion of advertising opportunities across Streaming Retail Media, Amazon, and Lifecycle Marketing (the program formerly known as email).

  • Keynote
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Influencers need to be authentic? You don’t say. Tired of those stale tropes about Influencer Marketing? Looking for some fresh-baked and piping hot actionable insights? Get a peek behind the Influencer curtain with two authorities from the platform side (Meta) and the Influencer side @anaisabellesite. Creative Strategist at Meta and big-time Creative Influencer herself, Hayet Rida brings a multi-hyphenate perspective. As for Influencer Ana Isabelle, she recently starred as Rosalia in Steven Spielberg’s feature film version of the Broadway hit musical West Side Story. Listen in on the frank discussion covering the difference between “Creator” and “Influencer,” how to create content driven by a deep understanding of audience needs, and building a test-and-learn model that actually drives revenue (not just likes.)
Hayet Rida, Meta
Hayet Rida Creative Strategist | Meta
Ana Isabelle
Ana Isabelle Actress, Music Star, and Influencer
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
In our new privacy-first world, Lifecycle Marketing has broken out ahead of the pack. It’s permission-based, personalized, and wraps around your customer’s life at just the right times and places. Brooks Running Lifecycle Marketing strategy has lapped the competition with its integrated messaging approach. Brooks – whose brand promise is to meet the runner wherever they are in their running journey – delivers that in spades in their Lifecycle Marketing by leveraging customer data for a more comprehensive (and human) communications journey. Come join this session with Audra Beutler, CRM and Loyalty Manager, Brooks Running, and Jacquelyn Burnside, Senior Manager, Lifecycle Marketing, Tinuiti, to hear how they did it – and how your brand can, too.
Audra Wheatly
Audra Beutler CRM & Loyalty Manager | Brooks Running
Jacquelyn Burnside
Jacquelyn Burnside Senior Manager, Lifecycle Marketing | Tinuiti
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
There’s no one miracle cure to help marketers address the multifold challenges they face in 2022. But from our perspective, the closest solution for marketers is Streaming Advertising. As finding new customers becomes more critical than ever, diversification is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Streaming can drive brand awareness while bringing the clarity of measurable performance to non-click-based media. But the fragmented landscape across Streaming platforms can be dizzying. Luckily, Zola, the wedding company with the fasting-growing wedding registry, is here to share their experience. Zola, which has blazed the path in both streaming video and digital audio, takes to the stage with agency partner Bliss Point Media (part of Tinuiti). Together, they will provide insights on how they tested and iterated their way across the Streaming landscape with measurable and meaningful success.
Kaitlyn Caimano Chief Investment Officer | Bliss Point Media (Tinuiti)
Catherine Kaelin Director of Growth Marketing | Zola
  • Breakout
As the pandemic served as an accelerant for online commerce, the Amazon ecosystem evolved quickly to make the offering even more robust – and for some marketers – even more Complex. Amazon has innovated not just to help companies sell – but build their brand through Video, Streaming TV, DSP, Stores, Posts, Measurement and Amazon Marketing Cloud. To grow a successful brand on Amazon in 2022, it’s not enough to just run ads. You need to understand the entire customer commerce journey.
Nancy-lee McLaughlin Senior Director, Search & Enterprise Services - Amazon & Marketplace | Tinuiti
Phil Stolt
Phil Stolt SVP, Retail Operations | Tinuiti
  • Breakout
The people (and the regulators) have spoken. The Future of the Web is a place where privacy trumps all. Good news is there are better ways of getting data than surveillance (It’s called asking people’s permission. Whodathunk?) Come join Tinuiti’s top futurists and technologists to dive into how brands can gear up for the demise of “Surveillance Marketing” and the rise of “Permission Marketing.” Because as the Web morphs into a privacy-first place, brands are going to have to PAY for attention. And it doesn't matter what the value exchange is, whether it's crypto, coupons, NFTs, and who knows what else, what we do know is that data will be scarcer and more valuable than ever.
Liz Emery
Liz Emery VP, Mobile + Ad Tech Solutions | Tinuiti
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson SVP, Analytics & Marketing Science | Tinuiti
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Tinuiti client Poppi is revolutionizing the soda category. On a mission to disrupt Big Soda, the female founded brand has achieved exponential growth across retail and Amazon within two years of launching. Today, they've established their position as "the future of soda," having ranked #1 on Amazon search for "soda" ahead of Coke and Pepsi. They landed a deal on Shark Tank, went viral on Tiktok with 1B+ page views and were awarded BevNet's "Marketing Campaign of the Year.” Poppi marries Brand Marketing, Streaming Advertising, and Amazon Upper Funnel to redefine marketing success. Attend this session to explore what a winning strategy for scaling your digital business looks like, cross-channel considerations and best practices for internal alignment that can help you become a high-growth success story like Poppi.
Allison Ellsworth
Allison Ellsworth Co-Founder / Chief Brand Officer | Poppi
Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown EVP, Commerce | Tinuiti

Chapter 3: Change

As for the only constant, Change, we zone in on Marketing to the Next Generation including Influencer in our new privacy-first world before getting to the Holy Grail of how to accelerate, measure, and budget for Brand Performance.

  • Keynote
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Now that we’re past the pandemic-fuelled breakneck growth of the past few years, it looks like 2022 is going to go down as the Year of the Ecommerce Catch-22, e.g. big online growth is not equal to big margins. Skyrocketing online sales have gone hand-in-hand with rising costs. Now, retailers must recognize a hard truth: Digital growth is not enough – only profitable digital growth will create value. In this session, McKinsey & Company Partner Steve Hoffman will share his groundbreaking research on how to solve the paradox of growth and profitability in ecommerce.
Steve Hoffman
Steve Hoffman Partner | McKinsey & Company
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Marketers are planning on spending in excess of $15 billion on Influencer campaigns this year, not because it’s trendy but because the investment has become a crucial piece of the marketing mix. Creative brand campaigns that involve creators can have a tremendous impact on a company’s growth trajectory. Yet because it’s changing all so fast, it’s no wonder most marketers aren’t getting as much out of their Influencer Marketing investments as they can. For one, most view Influencer as solely an awareness-building tactic as opposed to a vehicle that can also drive measurable performance outcomes. Another misstep? Brands are not fully leveraging their creator content across the channels beyond social where it can continue to drive performance – Paid Social, Streaming, Shoppable Media – to name a few. And last, measurement. Namely, quantifying how your integrated campaigns are working in service altogether and not relying on vanity metrics to gauge success. Join this session to get a beat on how your brand can connect to the right creators as well as how to integrate your influencer investments throughout the entire funnel and across all channels while making sure you’re measuring the performance of all of it.
Adrienne Lahens
Adrienne Lahens Global Head of Operations | TikTok Creator Marketing Solutions
Crystal Duncan
Crystal Duncan SVP, Influencer & Partnership Marketing | Tinuiti
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Kourtney Cole
Kourtney Cole Director, Digital Marketing | PacSun
Dalton Dorné
Dalton Dorné CMO | Tinuiti
  • Livestream
  • Main Stage
Diana DiGuido
Diana DiGuido Chief Client Officer | Tinuiti
Cristie Fay
Cristie Fay Group Director, Client Strategy | Tinuiti

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