According to our team of experts, as of now brand registered 3P sellers have the option to “Add Video” to their product detail pages.

Before this was only available in Beta for some 3P sellers or specific categories.

UPDATE: Please note, this video feature is out of beta but not necessarily available to all sellers yet. Please continue to check your account as this feature rolls out.

EBC video for sellers

Benefits of Video for Brand Registered Sellers:

    • Video can increase your product conversion rate.
    • Video is a great opportunity to share the value adds of your product, how to use, info on the brand, and what makes your product stand out.
    • Video can also help negate negative reviews by clearly stating what the product does and doesn’t offer.

“For the first time Sellers can have videos on their product detail page. Previously, this option was only available to Vendors,” Hiram Cruz, Lead Graphic Designer at CPC Strategy said.



Videos will display on the Tiles of where Product Detail Page Image are displayed:


Pro-Tip: These videos do not show up in the EBC area beneath the fold (under the Product Description). Amazon allows only Brand Registered 3P’s the ability to add videos in the same section as where you add Enhanced Brand Content. Keep in mind, you don’t need to have EBC to add Videos, but you do need to be Brand Registered.


How Does Video for Enhanced Brand Content Work?


If you receive an invitation to participate, when you log into the EBC tool, you can enter a SKU, and click “get started”.

Here you will now see a new button that allows you to add a video to that ASIN:

enhanced brand content video


enhanced brand content videoFollow the onscreen prompts to upload the following:

  • Video file
  • Image thumbnail – This is the initial screen customers will see before they begin playing the video
  • Video Title – This title will show below the video in the “related video shorts” widget on the detail page
  • Video description – This will not show to customers but will be used for video categorization
  • If the video contains content that is not suitable for minors under age 18, then select the adult audience box

Pro-Tip: Amazon recommends waiting 6 hours for your video to publish to the detail page. If you would like to remove the video from the detail page at any time, you can select the “edit” button next to the video SKU in your EBC dashboard. Then check the box next to “delete video from detail page”.  To resubmit the changes, you must allow up to 6 hours for the video to be removed.


Amazon EBC Video Violations:

Advertisers must abide by all EBC policies for videos as well. Violations of video and EBC policies may lead to your account losing access to video upload and/or EBC tool access.

Avoid the content policy violations below in order to ensure your content is approved:

  • Referencing your company as a seller or distributor, or providing company contact information.
  • Mention of competitor’s products or seller authorization such as “product only sold by authorized resellers.”
  • Pricing or promotion information such as “cheap, affordable, on-sale, etc.”
  • Information about shipping details such as “Free shipping”, “shipping timelines.”
  • Boastful comments such as “top selling product,” “hottest item,” “#1 selling item.”
  • Time-sensitive product information: “on sale now” or “best new product of the year.”
  • Information about customer reviews from Amazon or any other site.
  • Adding editorial or third party quotes from external sources such as magazines and television shows.
  • Any warranties or guarantees of any form, e.g., “satisfaction guarantee, money back, etc.”
  • Logos from brands or organizations other than your own or multiple brand logos in a single video view.
  • Web links or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other products).
  • Any mention of products being used for criminal activity.
  • Offensive content such as videos containing nudity, profanity, illegal activities.
  • Videos for which you don’t own the rights, leading to copyright infringement.


About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content:

EBC is open to sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon’s Brand Registry process. Once approved as a brand owner, sellers will qualify to add EBC to ASINs that are part of their approved brand catalog, but cannot add content to ASINs that are not part of their brand.

When used effectively, applying EBC to your product detail page can result in higher conversions rates and increase sales.

It can also be used to answer the most common customer questions by providing relevant product details that help drive more rapid purchase decisions and may reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

“We’ve seen that A+ Content on the Vendor side is super effective for improving conversion rate because it gives the customer more images and information to make them feel comfortable and confident with their purchase,” Jordan Gisch, Sr. Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy said.enhanced brand content

“EBC can do the same thing on the 3P side. Put yourself in the buyers shoes: You go online, looking for an item and land on a product detail page with just bullets points.”

“But, if I go to a competitor’s page and see that it’s much more built out with enhanced images and product details, I’m more likely to purchase the competitor’s product.”

“Enhanced Brand Content provides additional real estate to answer the questions that customers could have about your product. The real impact we’ve seen is an improvement in the conversion rate.”

“With Polaris Optics specifically, for every product detail page that we implemented Enhanced Brand Content, we saw an improvement in conversion rate,” Gisch said.

“If Amazon is giving you the opportunity to take up more real estate, it’s pretty obviously you should take advantage of it.”

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