Sell More on Amazon for Q4: It's Not More Cow Bell, But More Buy Box

By Tinuiti Team

How can I sell more on Amazon for Q4?

Q4 holiday on AmazonLast Q4, Amazon had a record setting holiday season. On Cyber Monday, Amazon shipped 36.8 million items – roughly 426 items sent per second, and in all shipped to 185 different countries. If Amazon broke the mold last year, how much more will retailers sell on Amazon this year?

How important is the Buy Box for Amazon during Q4?

Q4 brings more opportunity for increased sales and exposure with Amazon’s Buy Box. With more holiday traffic on Amazon, Buy Box competition increases, along with the value of winning a greater share of the Buy Box.

Want more sales on Amazon for Q4? You need more Buy Box. 

Leveraging Buy Box share, understanding Buy Box Competition and Buy Box Influencers are integral for an effective Amazon holiday strategy.

Buy Box Factors to Optimize for Q4Amazon Buy Box Influencer

Buy Box Share

Gaining visibility with a share of the Buy Box for your products year round is the name of the game- but even more pivotal important for Q4. Consider which of your products are winning the Buy Box on Amazon, for individual best sellers and across your entire inventory.

Remember the Buy Box gets crazy competitive for the holiday season- so keep an eye on your share of the buy box and optimize the variables which influence Buy Box share for your products.

Buy Box Share Action: Take Inventory of what products are winning the Buy Box, and outline a Q4 Buy Box strategy. What are those individual products, and how much of the Buy Box are you winning across the board, and how often? How is this influencing your bottom line? What is the ROI on those products?

Buy Box Competition

More people buy online during Q4, which translates to more Amazon sales, and more Amazon sellers. The Buy Box gets crazy competitive for the holiday season- sellers want to sell more on Amazon, which means they are leveraging for more share of the Buy Box across the board, and especially for Top Sellers, and products which convert more during Q4.

Buy Box Competition Action: Do some reconnaissance work on your competition for Q4 on Amazon. What will sell this Q4? What levers can your competition pull to out maneuver you for Buy Box share? What levers can you afford to pull to maintain Buy Box Share for competitive products?

Buy Box InfluencersAmazon Buy Box Holiday Q4

Getting more share of the Buy Box means understanding what drives Buy Box share. Leveraging those variables based on your store and budget leads to more Buy Box impressions and conversions.

Below are the top 3 Buy Box influencers for Amazon, which you can leverage in your Amazon Buy Box strategy for Q4.

Buy Box Influencers Action: Analyze which Buy Box influencers you have the ability and budget to change. Consider any areas that influence the Buy Box which you could improve drastically with only a small amount of effort, or those which would require more effort but would substantially push the needle for Buy Box share.

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