Amazon Webstores Review

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If you’re interested in creating or transferring your online store, this unbiased Amazon Webstores review will help you learn the fundamentals as well as your fit with the ecommerce platform.*

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Amazon Webstores Review: What Kind of Merchant Should Use the Amazon Webstores Platform?

Amazon Webstores is a new all-in-one ecommerce solution for online retailers.

Webstores opens its services up to retailers of all sizes because their 2 plans both include unlimited storage, bandwidth, and SKUs. Retailers have the option of signing up to sell on their own site AND sell on or solely just selling on their own website.

As you can imagine, encourages selling on their own site, and so we see a 1% transaction fee for the former plan and a 2% transaction fee for the latter.

However, retailers who sell on Amazon Marketplace still have to pay Marketplace’s separate selling fees.  Amazon tacks on 2 other fees, called “payment processing and fraud protection fees,” regardless of whether you sell on, and so it can get a little confusing.  Check out the overview of Amazon Webstores’ pricing here.

Ultimately, when comparing ecommerce platforms, it becomes clear that Amazon Webstores is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses because smaller businesses can benefit from the built-in market that comes with Amazon Marketplace integration and larger businesses will unfortunately see transactional fees pile up very quickly.


Amazon Webstores Review: Good Amazon Webstores Features [ws_table id=”44″]

Amazon Webstores Review: Bad Amazon Webstores Features [ws_table id=”45″]

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Amazon Webstores Review: Submit Your Product Feed from Amazon Webstores to Google Shopping

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Amazon Webstores Review: Notable Amazon Webstores Examples

Russell Athletic (Sports Apparel and Equipment)

Fruit of the Loom (Apparel)

Argo Tea (Tea)

Amazon Webstores Review: Our Amazon Webstores Review Bottom Line

Using Amazon Webstores is like trusting the wise and experienced guy you met in an alley: he knows what he’s doing and will help you some of the way, but he has his own ulterior motives. Bad analogy? Well, just know that Webstores is designed and catered for the inexperienced retailer who prefers the “set it and forget it” approach, and the multitude of fees you’ll pay for that kind of service will pile up quickly.

Amazon Webstores will provide a very user-friendly, hands off (for you), and complete kind of experience, but in any case where a smaller retailer puts his/her business in the hands of the largest internet retailer in the world, there is likely going to be some sort of bullying down the line.

Amazon Webstores Ecommerce Platform Comparison Grade: C+

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*Note: Grades are subjectively based on analysis and comparison to other ecommerce platforms, based on availability, significance, and functionality of the platform feature and overall value.

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