5 Statistics Driving Mobile Retail Search

By Tinuiti Team

In the last 3 years mobile phones have become an integral component to the retail experience. The mobile revolution continues with the recent announcement of Amazon’s Fire Phone, the world’s first retail centric phone.

The Numbers Behind Mobile Retail Search

Last year, Google joined Nielsen to better understand mobile shopping behaviors. Their study revealed 5 key findings:

1) Consumers spend 15+ hours per week researching on mobile sites and apps.
2) 48% of consumers start mobile shopping research using search engines vs branded sites.
3) 69% of mobile consumers expect a business to be within 5 miles of where they’re located.
4) 55% of mobile consumers want to purchase within an hour, 83% within a day.
5) Consumers mobile research effects purchasing habits; after mobile research 82% of consumers purchased in-store, 45% bought online (desktop/tablet) and 17% purchased on mobile.

Bonus stat: Smartphone usage has doubled year over year to 56% in the U.S.

As a retail advertiser, it’s important that you understand the nuanced differences in advertising to the mobile consumer and the desktop consumer- and ultimately, have a strategy in place to convert those shoppers at a profitable rate.

Our new guide, 10 AdWords Secrets You Need to Survive the Mobile Tsunami is a discussion of 10 different aspects of converting paid mobile traffic that will help you pioneer this rapidly growing space.

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