7 Free Extensions to Enhance your Magento Shopping Cart

By Tinuiti Team

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In recent years Magento has emerged as a dominant player in the shopping cart space for both entry and enterprise level eCommerce retailers. One of the most appealing aspects of the platform is the ability to leverage the talents of developers across the global through extensions available in the Magento Connect marketplace. Here are seven free Magento extensions that are definitely worth checking out.

1. CueBlocks Zoom

Magento provides an image zooming option, but it can be enhanced with the use of this extension. As your customer rolls his/her mouse pointer over an item, it will be expanded into another box with a zoomed in picture of your product.

More info on the CueBlocks Magento Extension

2. Invoicera Magento Extension

A powerful and useful app, this will enable the seller to produce and send invoices as soon as the customer makes a purchase. The benefits are obvious as you will be able to track and enter sales records in a fraction of the time.

More info on the Invoicera Magento Extension

3. MostViewed

The Most Viewed add-on automatically generates the list of your online store’s Highest Views products, giving your customers a chance to see what’s other people are buying. Definitely a quick and easy way to crowd-source your on-site merchandising.

More info on the MostViewed Magento Extension

4. MatrixRate

This is one of the most popular and most trusted free apps for Magento. It enables the merchant to produce multiple shipping rate tables based on things like the destination, quantity, price, or package weight. You can also specify rates based on the customer’s selected method of shipping. It gives the seller much more flexibility in shipping.

More info on the MatrixRate Magento Extension

5. Blog from aheadWorks

It is a free app that has developed a reputation as a great word of mouth marketing tool. By linking with your business’ blog, it helps keep your regular customers informed about store news, upcoming products, and promotions. You can also get feedback from your customers and builds text links that will assist with search engine optimization.

More info on the Blog from aheadWorks Magento Extension

6. Remerce CMS Meta Robots

Because of the common problem of having duplicate content on your website, your online store can benefit from this free extension. It is helpful for solving this issue and setting the Robots Meta tag much more easily than you can just with your Magento install alone.

More info on the Remerce CMS Meta Robots Magento Extension

7. AvaTax Calc Connector

Sales tax collection can be quite complicated when you consider the frequent changes in tax laws in jurisdictions across the U.S. This extension easily integrates with Magento and makes the daunting task much simpler. This tax decision engine determines rates based on more than 100,000 rules in over 11,000 jurisdictions. In the blink of an eye, it will apply the correct tax rate to every transaction that takes place in your shopping cart. This is a free extension, but it does require Avalara’s software-as-a-service solution.

More info on the AvaTax Calc Connector Magento Extension

What other Magento extension have you found particular useful?

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