5 Simple-Enough Tactics to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

By Tinuiti Team

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Site abandonment (including, cart, checkout, product page abandonment, etc.) is probably the most relevant, shared struggle among online retailers. Like dishes piling up in your sink, site abandonment is an inevitable issue that retailers need to to stay on top of to avoid a worsening situation. Why wouldn’t you nab every resource on retaining lost revenue?

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Best Practices

Let’s dive into some proven tactics that will give you an edge in keeping shoppers on your site and making purchases.

A/B Testing

optimizely-ecommerce-conversion-ratesEcommerce or not, this should be a staple of any business’s website. There’s no silver bullet for optimizing a website for conversions, so A/B testing should be a constant project taken seriously within your business.

CEO Pete Koomen of Optimizely, a leading landing page optimization tool, says creating a culture of testing within a business is key. Koomen maintains, “No matter what size your company is, you’ll need one person to manage your optimization efforts. A testing program manager will prioritize test order, coordinate resources, understand how to interpret test results, and ensure those with buy-in have regular and timely updates on test results.”

A couple basic things to test: checkout button placement and design, product page layout, different product images.

Email Acquisition

An email acquisition strategy is a huge a asset for any estore to have. Marketers know all too well that email acquisition is more of an art-form than a set process, where different techniques can range from something as simple as a “newsletter” sign up to something more incentivized like an immediate coupon redemption.

However you acquire a shopper’s email, it’s more important to have a highly-structured and monitored email marketing program in place for the benefits of nurturing, brand awareness, and sales promotions. Sending personalized (ie. cross-selling, targeted discounts, etc.) emails is key here.

Consider solutions like GetResponse or AWeber to plug in efficient email software.

Exit Surveys

upsellit-ecommerce-conversion-ratesSurveying your customers after they purchase is a solid tactic to squeeze some more value out of your transactions. Typically you don’t want to do this before a purchase is made because the “barrier” could deflect the visitor off your site.

Creating concise and personable surveys will not only help you better understand your audience and their biggest complaints about your site, but it will also help you create your buyer personas over the long-term.

UpSellit, our site abandonment webinar partner, is a great resource for setting up surveys on your store.


“Full-disclosure” means a couple things here, but the core principle is that you want to keep the shopper informed about everything 100% of the time they’re on your site. This means you:


Social Commerce

addshoppers-ecommerce-conversion-rates-1Getting a visitor to engage with your store via social media opens up the door for ultimately rewarding those visitors who performed an action. For example, with enough data, a retailer can ultimately determine that a share/social engagement is worth $5. Using this info, that retailer can incentivize a share or a tweet with a $5-off coupon.

AddShoppers provides a great toolset for retailers to not only track the effects of social on their bottom line, but also to take steps on that social data to drive sales.

Join us March 13th and Be proactive about lost revenue.

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