3 Ways to Improve your Brand on Google for Q4

By Tinuiti Team

Shoppers on Google are judging you. They’re judging where you appear on Google, how your store appears, your ratings, etc. Moving into Q4, how your products and store appear on Google is pivotal. Take the time to optimize your Google exposure to generate the most sales during the holiday season.

Improve Brand Perception on Google for Q4

Use the following Google programs to improve your performance and brand on Google Shopping and AdWords PPC campaigns.

1. Google Special Offers

Google special offers display a product sale for Product Listing Ads on search. On Google product ads (PLAs), Special offers feature a coupon or deal on search. Here’s what special offers look like on Google Shopping: Google Special Offers

Google Special Offers are an easy way to increase exposure on Google search and Google Shopping, while leveraging existing sales your store is running.

2. Google Seller Ratings

AdWords shoppers present slightly different challenges than those more inclined to select Product ads. PPC sellers need to establish customer trust and brand familiarity for clickthroughs and conversions.
Google PPC, AdWords for Q4

AdWords seller ratings are a great way to highlight your brand, store trust and quality, right beside your ad: AdWords seller reviews

PPC seller ratings appear on search right next to your online store URL. Seller ratings are generated from Google, alongside third party sites. Stay on top of your customer service to ensure your star rating is high. For more Seller ratings consider:


3. Google Product Ratings

Similar to Seller Reviews, Product ratings are a star rating on Google search. Google Product ratings however, apply to product reviews on on Product ads.  Google Product Ratings are available on Google product pages, and more recently appear adjacent to Product Ads on SERPs (July 2014). Here’s how Google Product Ratings appear in Google search on PLAs: Google product ratings

Note: While PPC Seller Reviews  only appear for t 3.5 or more stars, PLA Product Ratings show on search with as low as 1 star. For more Product Ratings, consider:

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