Facebook Advertising Strategy for Retailers

During the the Q4 shopping rush, social advertising can be a profit-sucking black-hole or it can be a major source of high ROI traffic for retailers & brands alike.

Will your company simply line Facebook’s pockets with more cash, or will you use social advertising as a powerful driver of holiday sales & revenue?

If you’re looking to utilize Facebook advertising to hit record-breaking holiday profits – Join CPC Strategy, AdEspresso & AddShoppers for the 2016 Facebook Advertising Summit of the year on September 13, 14, & 15 at 11am (PST).

The Agenda (more details below):

Day 1 | Optimizing Your Facebook Dynamic Ads
Day 2 | How To Fix Non-Converting Social Traffic
Day 3 | Custom Audiences: From Zero to Hero in 4 steps

Day 1 | September 13th

Optimizing Your Facebook Dynamic Ads to Maximize Conversions

Topics Discussed:

  • The Everchanging Facebook Dynamic Ad Landscape
  • Introducing a Framework to Split Test Ad Copy
  • Utilizing Demographic Data to Increase Efficiency of Media Spend
  • How to Find the Perfect Call to Action for Your Audiences
  • Preparing Your Budget for Q4: Proper Media Spend Allocation
  • Live Q&A


Day 2 | September 14th

How To Fix Non-Converting Social Traffic

Topics Discussed:

  • Most Popular Social Networks That see the Highest Revenue Generation
  • Understanding Social Visitors: Mobile Vs. Desktop
  • Why Your Social Traffic Doesn’t Convert
  • How to Drive Conversions From Social Traffic
  • Live Q&A


Day 3 | September 15th

Custom Audiences: From Zero to Hero in 4 steps

Topics Discussed:

  • Basic Custom Audience Strategies
  • Keeping Your Custom Audiences in Sync’
  • Engagement Based Custom Audiences
  • Advanced Strategies to Implement for Q4
  • Live Q&A


The 2016 Facebook Advertising Summit



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