Facebook Marketing Organic & Paid Strategies

Is your company making the most of the marketing opportunity that Facebook has created?

While some brands already have a well-developed social strategy, most retailers haven’t maximized Facebook as a marketing channel for their Brand.

Hear from the experts Stephen Kerner, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy and Peter Messmer, Director of Growth at AddShoppers during this two day mini-series on May 17th & 18th at 1pm (EDT).

We’ll focus on both Organic and Paid strategies and leave you with actionable takeaways for driving the maximum amount of revenue from Facebook.

facebook advertising

Day 1: How to Increase Your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Performance

    • The current Dynamic Product Ads landscape
    • How to maintain control over ad messaging & targeting
    • How to test different cross selling & Upselling Opportunities with DPAs
    • Utilizing demographic data to increase efficiency of targeting capabilities


Day 2: Using Facebook to Power Dynamic On-Site Marketing

    • Why and how to treat your Facebook traffic differently
    • How to use data from Facebook to power personalization
    • How to use your existing audience to drive new leads on Facebook


Facebook Marketing Organic & Paid Strategies

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