How Social Can Increase Conversion Rates at Checkout

By Tinuiti Team

At its inception, social commerce was regarded simply as the concept of a social channel’s ability to drive revenue for your store. It was a difficulty to track how, for example, effective Twitter was vs. Facebook, how to promote products on what is inherently not a sales channel, and how to integrate social channels within your store (vs. just as a marketing channel).

Social commerce now (what we call the “2.0 version”) is a much more integrated strategy for retailers looking to drive conversions. Instead of judging a social platform as a channel, the focus is now on the individual customer and how social can play a role in pushing that shopper further down the funnel.

One such way to do this is to implement cart-sharing functionality on the cart or checkout page. AddShoppers, an ecommerce-focused social tool suite, gives retailers the ability to add this feature to their cart page, like with this example:


Likewise, similar social integrations can help boost your lead acquisition efforts, increase speed of checkout for shoppers, and make your retargeting campaigns more efficient.

Learn how social can tie into and enhance your current marketing channels in tomorrow’s webinar (June 19, 11am PST):


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