New Update Brings Pinterest's Lens Search Tool into Focus

By Tinuiti Team

Pinterest Lens launched a few months ago, but updates to this new feature have made it even more useful for marketers as well as consumers.

At its core, Lens allows Pinterest users to scan the network for photographs related to whatever image you capture or pull into Lens. It's particularly geared towards fashion, but it also works well in categories like home decor, cooking, and landscaping.

As Search Engine Land notes, Pinterest has updated Lens's look as well as its functionality.  

Control Over Capture

When you access Lens on your mobile device, you'll see this at the bottom of your screen. The big white circle allows you to control what part of the screen you capture as your focus point. When you're trying to snag a pic on the go, this small feature will come in handy.

You'll also notice a quartet of circles on the lower left side of the screen. Tape the circles to explore them more closely. 

You can also use this feature backward with your camera roll. Images in your roll will appear to the right of the capture circle, and you can move the circle around on the image until you find exactly what you want to search.

Access to Accessories

Let's say you've taken a photograph of cowboy boots. Lens automatically starts searching its image repository for similar images.

After it finishes searching, it first presents you with items related to the item it sees. In this case, you see a list of related text links, such as boots, shoes, and cowboy boots. Underneath that, you'll see related pins.

In this latest update, Pinterest also shows you related items, such as accessories. For instance, it might show you photographs of Wrangler jeans, Western-style shirts, or turquoise jewelry pieces that would pair well with the boots.

What Does Pinterest Lens Mean for Marketers?

Pinterest is a unique social network. It's part social, part display, and part search, so you can try multiple marketing tactics to engage viewers and convert prospects.

Combining Pinterest Lens with Pinterest Shop the Look, for instance, might prove advantageous for fashion brands. Since Lens remains in its infancy for the time being, now is a great time to make sure your Pinterest boards are full of well-composed and well-lit images that might appear as consumers search.

Additionally, Lens will work well for niche marketers. For example, niche diets have become popular, from Keto to Paleo, and Pinterest users often use the platform to search for ingredients, recipes, and products. Food marketers can take advantage of those searches through Lens and through Pinterest paid options.

However, since Lens is just getting off the ground, testing will become essential. Running simultaneous campaigns to test different KPIs and models will help narrow down a strategy that works.

Marketers are always looking for ways to improve ROI through Paid Social. We're here to help. From Pinterest Lens and beyond, we can help you drill down on key strategies for your business and increase your ROI. To learn more, check out our Case Study: Search, Display, and Social Advertising Mix Boosts High-End Retailer’s YOY Sales by 70%.

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