How Product Bundling on Amazon Can Reduce Your Buy Box Competition

By Tinuiti Team

What is Product Bundling on Amazon?

Aside from the fact that product bundles on Amazon provide value to shoppers, they are also a unique strategy for sellers to reduce their Buy Box competition.

As seen in the example below, product bundling is offering several products for sale as one combine purchase, typically at a discounted price.


There are many different types of bundling techniques including:

Mixed bundling: Offering products that can be sold both as bundles and separately.

Cross industry bundling: Offering products from more than one company that complement each other.

New or lesser product bundling: Combining a newer product or less successful product with another more popular product to help gain awareness.

For this article, we will focus on bundling different products together to create a unique ASIN rather than multi-packs of the same products.

Pro-Tip: If the bundle is actually a multi-pack of the same product, then Amazon sellers should not list it as a bundle.

Use the options for displaying items with different package quantities. Example: A 10-pack of socks is a multi-pack, not a bundle.

Pro-Tip: If the bundle is actually a variation of a parent product, then do not list it as a bundle.

Use the options for displaying variations based on the relationship criteria for the specific category, such as the variations of a single parent product. Example: (A “small” + “green” ball) 

Why is Product Bundling on Amazon Important?

Bundling is a competitive tactic for sellers not only because of it’s increased sales opportunity but because it is difficult for competitors to track and compete against your ASIN.

On Amazon, bundled products may be listed in all categories except Books, Music, Video, DVD, and Video Games. Bundles are only allowed when the primary product in the bundle is not a BMVD (combined category) or Video Games product.

For example, you can list a bundle composed of a pair of boxing gloves (the primary product), a boxing DVD and a boxing book, but you cannot list a bundle composed of a boxing DVD and a boxing book.

Bundles must consist of items that are “highly complementary and provide a value to the buyer when compared to the individual items purchased separately.”

All bundles are subject to Amazon for review of appropriateness and relevance. If Amazon determines a bundle is not compliant with their policies (which we will discuss below), they can removal the bundle listing without notice, impose an account suspension, or both.

The main benefits of product bundling is it provides the reseller with a unique ASIN that increases your chances of Buy Box ownership. Essentially, when a reseller creates a bundle pack, they become the brand for that specific ASIN.

Product Bundling on Amazon: Guidelinesproduct-bundle2

Single Category Listing:  A bundle may only be listed in a single category, even if the products within the bundle are from multiple categories.

If a bundle does include products from multiple categories the bundle may only be listed in the single category to which the highest priced item in the bundle best relates, excluding any BMVD or Video Games product, (even if it is the highest priced item in the bundle).

Return Policy: If you list a product bundle, you must accept the entire bundle as a return and make a refund of the item as a single unit.

Warranty Policy: A bundle cannot contain any separate warranty products or extended service plans.

Specific Seller Info: Bundle images, features, and descriptions must adhere to all listing policies. For example, as with single products, information specific to a seller is not allowed in product descriptions. Include only information about the products in the bundle.

Unique Identifier: Each bundle must have its own unique identifier (such as UPC, EAN, GTIN, or Manufacturer Part Number). For example, the UPC of any individual product in the bundle may not serve as the UPC for the bundle.

Amazon sellers are responsible for obtaining a new UPC for each bundle they create. Use of the UPC from any single product in the bundle to identify the entire bundle may lead to immediate removal of the bundle listing.

Pro-Tip: The referral fee applicable to the product category in which the bundle is listed will apply to the entire bundle.

Product Bundling on Amazon: Content & Images

1) Amazon requires that sellers use the word “bundle” and list the number of items in the the bundle within the product title. An example of a bundle title would be: “Bundle – 3 items: Tote Bag, Leggings and Socks – Purple”

2) The first feature bullet must state that the product is a bundle of “X” number of items and include identification of the products in the bundle.
The description must also state that the product is a bundle and identify the specific products included in the bundle (including information such as model number, color, and size).

3) The main image used for advertising the product bundle must include “all of the exact products in the bundle” and only products in the bundle. For example, you cannot use images of “representative products” when advertising the bundle to potential customers.

4) Sellers should note that once they create a bundle, they cannot modify the components of the bundle. If they want to add or remove products from the bundle, they must remove the listing and create a new bundle listing with a unique UPC, or match to an existing bundle listing that is identical to your revised bundle.

Additional Guidelines for Product Bundling on Amazon:

If you match your bundle to an existing bundle listing, the products in your bundle must be exactly the same as the products in the existing bundle in every respect; you may not change the components of the bundle listing. If your bundle is different in any way, you must create a new bundle listing instead of matching to the existing bundle.

Pro-Tip: If you find a bundle competing against your ASIN without meeting the above requirements – you can request Amazon removed the reseller’s listing. 

It’s important to remember – this isn’t a bullet proof strategy but it is another selling opportunity to rank for a unique ASIN and dominate your competitors in the Buy Box.

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