Who is John Lawson?

John Lawson is a keynote speaker on social media and ebay, an online retailer himself (owner of www.3rdpoweroutlet.com), founder of the best ecommerce group on Facebook, and just an all around cool dude. Just ask anyone who knows him.

John is a guy who has a wealth of knowledge about small businesses and how to make money selling products online. I’ve personally learned a ton from him myself.

His ability to build a community of over 1,000 ecommerce sellers on Facebook is testament to his humbleness, expertise, and ability to break down complex concepts into simple digestible information. I strive to communicate in that way and I look up at John as an example to aspire to.

John is also putting on a really cool ecommerce conference with Brandon Dupsky in Atlanta Georgia on the 5th & 6th. There’s some more info on it below if you’re interested.

Check out the scoop from John himself:

Hi, as you may or may not have heard ColderICE is putting its first ever LIVE event here in Atlanta. This is a private event and exclusive to a very limited, qualified audience.

First let me tell you about it:  The lCE Ebusiness event is all internet retailer-focused and is only open to 50 existing eCommerce business owners who not only have years of online selling experience but also have sales volumes between $50,000 to $20,000,000 annually.

This event is designed specifically as an intimate series of roundtables and seller panels and for eCommerce decision makers looking to advance their businesses, increase their profits and simplify their business processes.  It is will put participants “up close and personal” with speakers and teachers who have hands-on experience in the topics and issues important to eCommerce professionals.

So that is what it is, I have put together 8 of the BEST minds and influencers in eCommerce and they are decending on Atlanta for workshops and presentations.

Click the picture below for more info on the conference:

John is a really smart, nice & cool dude you should get to know if you sell products online.

That’s it for today’s episode of People I Admire In Ecommerce.

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