Survey Suggests Over 30% of Online Shoppers Plan On Spending More

By Tinuiti Team

The JP Morgan Internet Team has released a survey that suggests things may not be as gloomy as some might have you expect.

And while others may focus more on the gloom of things, we like to take a more glass half-full approach to the holiday season.

The results of the study are as follows:

Among those who shop online, the following percentage of shoppers are going to spend:

Discounting any other variables would indicate that this X-mas season is going to be roughly the same for online shoppers as compared to last year

Of course, it’s impossible to tell by how much the surveyors will either increase or decrease in spend, but given the potential negative growth in overall spend in Q4, one can assume that the overall decrease may offset any potential spending increase in spend among shoppers.

Still, one has to be hopeful that a slightly greater amount of people will be choosing to spend more money online this year.

Which, given the state of the economy, may stem a great part due to people getting tired of the malls and the dangers that come with them, and would rather shop with a click of their mouse instead.

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