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Introducing Fanalytics by Kit

Despite massive hype and multiple Gary Vaynerchuk videos over the last couple of years, social media still remains a relatively “fluffy”, unpacked channel for a lot of businesses. You can’t ask What’s the ROI of social media? without first knowing who is engaging with your brand via social and how they’re doing it.

kit-logo-facebook-analytics-toolsMeet Michael Perry, CEO and founder of Kit, an easy-to-use tool for identifying and re-engaging with your brands social following on Facebook. He dives into how social engagement may take shape in the foreseeable future as well as some key best practices for engaging with your brand’s top influencers.

Describe Kit in 50 words or less.

Michael: Kit is a simple tool highlighting top fans by activity and network size for brands to re-engage the right people about specific products.

The relationship between social media and customer engagement is well known. What’s your vision for how that relationship will be different 5+ years down the road?


Michael: It’s really interesting and exciting because we are going to start seeing the real potential that social platforms like FB and Twitter have to offer for the relationship of brands and consumers. In my eyes, the changes we’ve seen so far is mass adoption of social platforms as a ad/communication channel amongst brands.

They have become very aware of the need to have a social presence, and so they’ve invested heavily into acquiring fans/ followers through various tools and have hired teams to construct good content that will, in turn, create good engagement.

However, they are still using it the same way they would use a billboard or TV commercial- one-way communication, pushing product and content. The big change is coming, because people are feeling exhausted by mass marketing and platforms like Facebook are now making engagement even more expensive.

Brands will start paying insane attention to active fans and brand advocates who actually care about their brand, because the real power is leveraging “real fans” to grow your audience and drive sales. Quality > Quantity.

We are developing something called fanalytics, because we truly believe people should be treated like people (as opposed to just a number) based on what they like and love vs. a metric that fits the brand’s “standard” for a fan or customer to acquire. We are very focused on connecting brands to people around specific products to create meaningful opportunities. Caring about people goes a long way.

What are some good strategies to re-engage with your brand’s “influencers?”

Michael: I think we need to fall back on the “treat others the way you would like to be treated” adage. If your favorite brand or local business reached out to you and said, “Thank you”, or gave you a sneak peak to a new product, this action is going to have a much larger trickle effect because it will make you feel special.

Caring is the key ingredient, not enough brands are caring because their “picture” is too small minded. Sometimes the moments that aren’t “measureable” are the most meaningful. My father used to tell me, “a special moment is worth 10,000 dollars in advertising” because people love to share/ talk about special moments.

What are the key benefits of Kit to an ecommerce website?

Michael: We work with thousands of retail businesses. The biggest value add is obvious- you can look at what your fans have been liking on your page so you can connect the dots, and engagement isn’t lost to the cyber abyss.

We see great use cases from tons of brands, some doing “give aways” to their monthly top fans, some reaching out about sale items, etc. It’s an ecommerce business dream lead gen tool.

What kind of business is best suited for Kit’s service?

Michael: We work with brands that have 200 likes on their page to BIG brands with millions of fans and engagement points. We work with personal brands, musicians and politicians as well.

We are here to build something simple and efficient that helps people sell to people who care.

What’s next for Kit?


Michael: A bit top secret! 🙂 We have a huge product road map, and working closely with Facebook on some cool stuff and soon adding Twitter. All exciting.

How can a business get started with Kit?

Michael: They can request access to Kit here and always email me personally for assistance, [email protected]

About Michael: Michael Perry is the CEO and Founder of Kit, a simple application that is re-thinking fan engagement. Michael was acknowledged at the innovation summit as the 2013 Small business innovator of the year. He has been covered in numerous publications for being a self taught programmer and bootstrapping entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

He is currently living in San Francisco with his wife, Alex.

 Are you in the dark about your brand’s social followers?

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