15 Facebook Dynamic Ad Questions – Answered by Social Experts

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Expert Advice on Facebook Dynamic Ads

This past week, CPC Strategy teamed up with AddShoppers & AdEspresso for our 2016 Facebook Advertising Summit – featuring expert advice on how to manage Facebook Dynamic Ads.

On Day 1 of our summit we presented on “Optimizing Your Facebook Dynamic Ads to Maximize Conversions” and covered a variety of topics from Split Testing Ad Copy to Preparing Your Facebook Budget for Q4.

facebook audience networkThere were a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to answer, so here they are now with responses from Sarah Rogers, Senior Social Strategist at CPC Strategy.

Recap of Facebook Dynamic Ads:

Since the announcement of Facebook Dynamic Ads, retailers are attempting to integrate their previous marketing strategy with Facebook’s latest marketing technology to stay ahead of their competition and leverage advanced user data and targeting capabilities.

Dynamic ads are a hugely impactful tool for online retailers that allows you to display tailored content to Facebook visitors depending on their behavior on your store, ensuring that the right products are shown to the right people.

For example, if someone visited a product page on your store for a pair of shoes and then left your site without purchasing, you can ensure that they see an ad for that same pair of shoes the next time they visit Facebook.

Dynamic ads allow businesses to take targeting to the next level of personalization by customizing ad content to each person’s product and precise point in the buyer journey. The Facebook pixel continuously reports which specific product IDs are viewed, added to cart or purchased.

15 Facebook Dynamic Ad Questions:

Q. Are FB pixels relevant when the goal is to drive traffic to Amazon?

A. Pixels are placed on your individual site, but unfortunately there is no tracking available between Facebook and Amazon.

Q. Can we pull the email list from Amazon/Ebay orders and use that for our Facebook Ads?

A. If you able to get the email list then yes – it doesn’t matter the source.

Q. Can you explain a little more about how to target for recency and activity?

A. The activity is based off of the Facebook pixel – this is how you can see who has added to cart, viewed content, & or purchased. In Dynamic Ads, you can narrow down your targeting to those buckets based off of their activity. For recency – you can also define the amount of look back time that you want (for example: added to cart last 3 days – all of that information is available with Dynamic Ads).

Do you choose to use Facebook default bids or specialized bidding?

A. We typically use Facebook auto bidding, this dynamically flexes with the advertising landscape in any particular time.

Q. Have you ever been able to prove cross-device conversion tracking is accurate on FB?

A. Yes, cross device tracking with Facebook is accurate because everything is based off of unique Facebook IDs, so if you log in on your desktop, mobile, iPad, Facebook will know you are all the same person.

Q. If our goal is to get sales, is it better to choose “conversions” or daily unique reach in optimization for ad delivery?

A. If your goal is to get sales then make your campaign object geared toward your end result. So in this case, yes go with conversions – Facebook will put your ads in front of people they believe are most likely to convert.

Q. How can you prioritize split testing with a smaller budget?

A. Split testing is important regardless of your budget size. (For example: If your budget is only $20-50 per day you can at least gather some but not a lot of data. It really depends on your definition of what is a “small” budget.)

Q. How do you handle frequency capping on Facebook since the setting is not available?

A. Frequency capping is available but it’s not within Dynamic Ads. We buy everything on an auction basis but at the campaign level (reach & frequency is the best way to control frequency).

Q. How do you recommend testing ads? Facebook doesn’t seem to distribute impressions equally between ads?

A. Correct, we recommend creating multiple ads per ad set for testing purposes. The impressions are not distributed evenly, but Facebook gears spend towards the ad that is performing better.

Q. If there’s a smaller client, say spending $500 a month on DPAs – is there different ways to segment?

A. We would still recommend targeting cart abandoners &people who have viewed content on your website.

Q. Is the Dynamic Ad only for people who have looked at MY brand pages? Or also similar brands?

A. Dynamic ads are served based off of the pixel on your website not the Facebook page – so you can only target your website visitors not your competitors.

Q. Question on Targeting: When starting a new campaign what is the best targeting strategy?

A. It depends on the goal of the campaign, but we recommend targeting more narrow and bottom of the funnel audiences.

Q. Question regarding split testing – If you run same audience in 2 ad sets – it will overlap, right? Is that important for test results? What have you found to be the best form of A/B testing?

A. Yes, if you use the same audience in 2 ad sets it will overlap and you will begin competing yourself to serve these audiences. We recommend for testing – to create multiple ads for the same ad set rather than two ad sets with one ad each for testing.

Q. Should we use Power Editor and Ads Manager together or the Power Editor is enough?

A. You would need both at different stages in the Facebook advertising process. Power editor is how to set up your ads, while Ads Manager is how to optimize them.

Q. Very technical items are not converting well with mobile, so should we just opt out of mobile entirely?

A. Put your money where you are seeing conversions. Also, you might want to think about investing in your mobile optimization.

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