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With digital marketing divisions in Paid Search, Shopping, SEO, Performance Display, Paid Social, and CRO, Elite SEM continues to quickly respond to the evolution of the marketplace, and has recently brought new leadership into the Paid Social Division to address the growing client demand for paid social media expertise.

To some of us, it seems like it was just yesterday when the ubiquitous Twitter hashtags and “Like us on Facebook” badges started to appear across every business’s marketing and advertising channels. And actually, it wasn’t that long ago that the social media revolution got underway. Fast forward a few short years, and the truth has become clear: if your business doesn’t have a presence in social, then you’re missing out.

As social media has continued to evolve, the shifting landscape has made it more and more difficult for some businesses to keep up, and to ensure that their brands are getting noticed in the right places online. Enter paid social. It’s an art form. It’s a strategic effort. And it can be so many other things, given the broad spectrum of social networks out there. So how exactly can a business successfully navigate the world of paid social media?

In order to continue to meet the growing demand for intelligent, strategic paid social media efforts, Elite SEM announces the hiring of Sanjay Teckchandani to lead the Paid Social division.

Getting Ahead of the Social Media Curve for Our Clients

Paid Social is gaining more and more importance in the overall marketing mix for many brands. Elite SEM understands that the landscape is changing, and we’re making even more of an investment to help our clients succeed through paid social efforts.

Our strategy with the Paid Social division has always been to not only build out the offering, but also to grow the division over time. Paid Social is becoming more and more important for a lot of different clients, and we’re looking to expand what we offer as an agency. With new leadership in our Paid Social division, Elite SEM continues to dedicate resources to further provide all of our clients with a complete solution: search, shopping, display, social, and CRO, all under one roof, to better serve the brands that we work with.

Elite SEM Names New Division Head for Paid Social Efforts

After searching around the world of digital marketing, Elite SEM found the ideal candidate to step into the role of the Director of Paid Social. Sanjay Teckchandani, formerly of Razorfish, is a seasoned Social Media professional who brings more than 15 years of proven global experience in developing integrated communication strategies for various brands. Sanjay’s unique perspective has been shaped by his broad cultural experience, having worked for several leading advertising agencies around the globe, and having spent time in cities that include Mumbai, Dubai, Toronto, Chicago and Atlanta.

“At Elite SEM, we take an omni-channel approach with our clients’ presence across social media,” Sanjay notes. “Social is so broad right now, and there are so many different aspects and types of media: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, for example – so we try to help clients to reach the right audience, wherever they are.”

Prior to joining Elite SEM, Sanjay was the Associate Director of Social Media at Razorfish, handling the social strategies for all clients, including Kraft, Kellogg’s, Delta Airlines, Bridgestone, and the government of Mexico, among others.

Regarding his new position, Sanjay is both excited and ready for the challenge. “Elite as a company is strategically placed to help clients, given the agency’s past experience and history with search. The agency is all about performance-driven marketing, and our plan is to expand paid social within our mix of offerings, and to take the company to the next level.”

Sanjay and the Paid Social Division work out of the Atlanta office, with the eventual goal of having a team across the country to help serve clients. Wherever there are opportunities, Elite SEM will seek to grow the business. “There is a lot of demand and momentum in the space right now, and we want to continue the growth trajectory, so that Paid Social becomes one of the largest divisions at the agency.”

The strategy is simple when it comes to paid social: we want to help our clients be successful with their paid social efforts, ensuring that they reach the right audience at the right time, with the right message and on the right channel.

“The big thing with Elite – we have a very unique culture. A very unique company, that’s different from every other agency out there. We care about people and our clients, and everybody’s happy here – nobody really leaves the company,” he says. “There’s lots of great qualities in the company DNA, and the talent is top-tier, really high quality. In a sense, Elite is already well ahead of the curve – helping brands to build their business through paid social.”

More on Sanjay Teckchandani

Sanjay Teckchandani has an MBA from McGill University in Canada, and recently relocated from Chicago to Atlanta with his wife and two children. He is passionate about emerging technologies, traveling, and helping others explore the world with miles and points.

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