Tinuiti Joins Snapchat Certified Partners Program

By Tinuiti Team

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Snapchat Certified Partners Program!

As a Snapchat Certified Partner, it’s now quicker and easier to directly manage client ads on the platform. This program provides us with more control when advertising on Snapchat along with exclusive beta and alpha opportunities that only Snapchat Certified Partners have access to.

Now, the real question is: “How will it affect me?”

Well, now that Tinuiti is a Snapchat Certified Partner, we will be in on the ground floor of new Snapchat offerings and beta/alpha opportunities that we can get our hands on before everyone else!

Along with that, we have monthly training sessions with Snapchat that focus on getting the most out of the platform and improving ROI for all of our clients.

To top all of this off, Snapchat has introduced a self-serve platform, which gives Tinuiti more control over managing campaigns, creative, and even budgets to better optimize to our client’s needs and KPIs.

It’s really a win-win that allows us the needed control to provide our clients with day-in and day-out reporting and optimizations that weren’t available before.

Taking a Closer Look at the Snapchat Certified Partners Program

Part of the Program involved completing rigorous training to help agencies learn the ins and outs of Snapchat, including ad product, creative and the platform’s measurement system. The entire Tinuiti Paid Social team has mastered this crash course, as our participants completed the requisite Snap-led training sessions and online exam detailing ad capabilities, optimization strategies, and vertical-specific best practices, among other things.

With this certification, Tinuiti is now able to plan and execute campaigns directly on Snapchat for its existing clients, as well as new clients that are interested in leveraging Snapchat to reach their target audience

Tinuiti Is Onboarding with Snapchat Certified Partners Program

The Snapchat Certified Partners program is revolutionizing how companies are reaching customers, and Tinuiti is excited to be piloting this new wave of user outreach. As one of the few agencies in the Snapchat Certified Partners program, we feel privileged and fired up about driving efficient media spend for our clients. With this new tool in our wheelhouse, we’re ready to continue delivering impactful business results for all of our partners.

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