Search Experiencing Product Issues

By Tinuiti Team is currently experiencing issues with products being listed as rejected or mis-categorized in their user interface.

The main issue is that many products that were previously categorized correctly are now being put in their miscellaneous section, thereby not allowing consumers who browse through categories to find certain products, though they should still show up in searches.

The slight benefit here is that products listed in the miscellaneous categories have the lowest CPC’s, at $0.10-$0.30 depending on price, but again minimizes their exposure.

They’ve notified us that their engineering and product teams are working to resolve the issue, though no exact timeline has been given.

If you’re a CPC Strategy client we’re working to ensure all of your products are being processed and categorized correctly. If you’re a merchant experiencing these problems with your account click on the Help tab at the top right hand corner of your account and then go to the Contact Us tab at the top right hand corner of that page.

We recommend submitting a ticket through the Online Support Form for the fastest results.

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