3 New Amazon Store Product Features For Prime Day

By Tinuiti Team

In preparation of Prime Day, Amazon recently released of a series of new Amazon Store features that will make it easier to showcase products and deals throughout the popular shopping holiday.

Considered the biggest sales day of the year for sellers, Amazon Prime Day is a global shopping event filled with discounted purchases held annually around mid-July.

Last week, a banner across the Amazon UK site leaked the news that Prime Day will start on July 16, with deals continuing after. (Amazon has yet to confirm the date.)

AMS Stores Product Updates: 3 New Features

With only a few more weeks to go, Amazon is now introducing 3 new features  (all available in the Amazon Store builder) to help sellers showcase deals / products and attract busy shoppers.

1. Product ASIN Showcase

The Product ASIN Showcase widget is a new tile that highlights one or more specific products prominently. As seen in the desktop / mobile image below, the tile shows comprehensive details about an ASIN including:


2. Featured Deals

This product grid shows all deals and coupons available for a particular brand. The widget supports badges and messages for a variety of deal types, including:


amazon featured deal

3. Prime Day Badge Support

On Prime Day 2018, customers will enjoy a special “Prime Day Deal” that replaces Deal of the day, Lighting Deal/Limited Time Deal, Prime Early Access Deal, and ASIN Best Deal.


More on Amazon Stores:

Amazon Stores is a valuable feature that allows brands to design and create multi-page catalogs to showcase their products and unique value proposition to shoppers.

amazon store

Amazon Stores elevate the shopping experience by:

The main benefit of Amazon Stores is to provide customized content to potential customers and to introduce prospective customers to your brand.

Each page gives brands the opportunity to design it ‘your way’ with lots of supportive content and freedom. It’s basically like creating your own ecommerce website on Amazon.

Benefits of Driving Off-Amazon Traffic to Amazon Stores

Driving off-Amazon traffic to your Amazon Store not only provides an opportunity to differentiate your brand on the Marketplace but it also opens up new opportunities for customer acquisition.

1. Differentiate Your Brand on Amazon

One of the benefits to driving off-Amazon traffic to your Amazon Store is it provides you with a branded place to build a presence on Amazon and gives you a location that you can drive off-Amazon traffic that is now trackable.

2. New Opportunities for Customer Acquisition

Instead of having your products listed side by side (on the SERP) with your competitors, you can actually drive the customer directly to your store where ONLY your products are showing.

Using Amazon Store Insights to Track Off-Amazon Traffic

Now that we understand the advantages of having an Amazon Store and driving off-Amazon traffic to it – how do we do it?

If you want to accurately track sales on your Amazon Stores (from sources outside of Amazon including Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, and more) you will need to leverage Amazon Stores Insights.

“The new Amazon Store Insights feature gives us insight around the effectiveness of the Store and allows us to understand how an audience interacts with the pages that we create,” AJ Swamy, Client Services Manager at CPC Strategy said.

“The Store Insights also allow us to tag external traffic so we can finally get more information around the effectiveness of external advertising campaigns that we route to our Stores. We also get insight around how many customers convert organically from the store which is ground breaking.”

To learn more about how to leverage your Amazon Store on Prime Day 2018, email [email protected]

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