Introducing Sponsored Products Targeting Controls For Prime Shipping Eligible and Age Range

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon recently introduced two new Sponsored Products Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) features including PrimeShipping Eligible and Age Range for Toys. Here’s what you need to know.

What Can The New Sponsored Products Attribute Targeting Features Do?

As of now, Amazon advertisers have more control over the way they target customers with Sponsored Product Ads using product targeting. Advertisers are already pretty excited to implement this new feature and for good reason.

With product targeting, it’s easier to reach shoppers as they browse detail pages and filter search results for specific products similar to yours.

According to Amazon, the two new refinement features should help advertisers expand reach and target ads more granularly – especially in Q4 (heads up toy brands). Sellers can find product targeting as a targeting option within manually-targeted Sponsored Products campaign.

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What this means is:



According to Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace at Tinuiti:

“What this does is give advertisers the ability to target Prime vs non-Prime eligible products. One interesting quirk to be aware of between how this functions in Seller Central vs Ad Console: Advertisers in Seller Central can use both keyword and product targeting in the same campaign, but not in the same ad group. Advertisers using the advertising console can only use one targeting type per campaign.”


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Here’s what advertisers should know about the two new Sponsored Product PAT features now available:

1. Ads will be eligible to show on the Amazon search results pages and the product detail pages.

Pro-tip: Since your targeting expressions are tied directly to attributes of products, you can expect more of your ads to show up on Product Pages. To see where your ad is showing up, you can download the Search Term report in Campaign Manager.
2. In addition to Category, Brand, Star Rating and Price, you can now target shipping eligibility and product age range.

Pro-tip: These new controls can be found in the “refine” window that is selected when using category targeting. These controls are available in both campaign builder and campaign manager. Controls will also be available for all new and existing PAT campaigns.
3. Allow your campaign to run for a few weeks – then download the Search Term report to make sure it’s working correctly.

Pro-tip: The Search Term report will allow you to see which targeting expressions are performing to meet your goals. In the campaign manager targeting tab, you can go through and adjust bids of the targeting expressions that are performing for you. At Tinuiti, we recommend to begin testing before Q4 hits.
4. Amazon recommends following the suggested bid amount provided in the campaign builder.

Pro-tip: After campaigns have run for a couple of weeks, review performance in campaign manager and adjust your bids and budget. Keep in mind you will not be bidding against yourself if you choose to use both product and keyword targeting in the same campaign. Amazon accounts for this scenario so you won’t drive up CPCs.

And remember – when using product targeting, all ads are eligible for the same placements as keyword-targeted Sponsored Products ads, except for the deal pages placements.

If you have any additional questions about Amazon’s new PAT features, email [email protected].

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