16 Email Marketing Blogs For Retail Search

By Tinuiti Team

Email is taking over the world.

Don’t’ believe me? Check out these email statistics:

Email marketing blogs
Here are some awesome email marketing blogs to help you get more traction with your email marketing campaigns, and get a piece of that world domination. 

Email marketing resource Marketo


Marketo is an email markeitng management platform with an ecommerce and inbound marketing focused blog.

I found this Marketo Email marketing cheat sheet infographic useful.

Email Marketing resource bronto


Bronto is an email marketing platform, with a fun green dinosaur logo. Bronto’s blog is a great place to get ideas and look at data trends.

Bronto also puts out other marketing content like this infographic on shopping cart abandonment.

email marketing resource constant contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest email platforms out there, and also a good place to find good email marketing content.

email marketing resource copyblogger


Copyblogger is a self touted content marketing blog. They put out great content for overall content, SEO, LPO, and email marketing on their blog, and feature similar content in their ebooks. Moreover, almost everything from Copyblogger is free.

Stuck for email ideas? Check out this infographic for content creation inspiration.

email marketing resource litmus


Litmus is a email marketing service provider with a free email marketing blog. Litmus regularly puts out email marketing infographics (they have a portion of their blog dedicated to infographics), which is a nice change of pace and useful for skimmers and visual learners.

Here is a useful email marekting infographic they put out on Responsive email design.

email marketing resource email institute

Email Institute

Email institute doesn’t have the prettiest site design, but don’t be fooled, there are some great email marketing resources on this blog as well as tips and best practices on B2B, social, mobile and other elements of retail search. Unfortunately a lot of the content is email blocked, which is a deterrent for some.

email marketing resource silverpop


Silverpop is an email Marketing automation platform which as a blog that features email and marketing advice and tips for online marketers. Silverpop also highligths a lot of bid data, and features content on behavioral marketing which I find delightful.

Here is a post outlining 3 types of behavior focused emails to increase order volume.

email marketing resource mailchimp

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider for ecommerce merchants and is free for merchants with an email list under 2,000 subscribers. Their email marketing blog is useful, but contains a lot of posts which focuses on Mail Chimp features, which you may or may not find useful.

email marekting resouce get response


GetResponse has a really actionable email marketing blog which features lists and example focused posts frequently. Similar to MailChimp and Silverpop, the blog is linked to the paid email marketing automation service.

They also have fun with copy and themes which I appreciate. For example a recent post on the GetResponse blog likens Samurai’s and mobile email marketing.

email marketing resource smart insights

Smart Insights

Smart insights is a blog which is dedicated to overall retail marekting, but has some particularly useful email marketing content on their blog.

If you’re looking to start a drip campaign, here’s a great place to begin.

email marketing resource emailmonks

Email Monks

Email monks service focuses more on email design as opposed to automation, and has more B2B focused content in their blog.

Here are 5 email apps they recommend, among which I use Boomerang daily.

email marketing resource vertical response

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is a unique email marketing platform in that they offer a pay as you go payment plan which is pretty neat. Their blog is focused on marketing on a whole, but features content on both email and direct mail marketing.

Here are some email subject line suggestions via the Vertical Response blog.

email marketing resource econsultancy


Econsultancy is a UK based blog which covers digital marketing strategy.

Check out this timely email on email marketing leading up to Christmas.

email marketing resource hubspot


Hubspot is more about marketing software a a whole, but they have an outstanding blog for marketers interested in content, social or email marekting.

If you haven’t got your feet wet with social media yet, here is a fantastic infographic for social platform setup requirements.

email marketing resource return path


Return path is a email solution provider which features Podcasts in their email marketing resources, which is great for anyone who has trouble multitaksing, or partial to auditory learning.

email marketing resource aweberAweber

Aweber is an email marketing software provider with a handy blog. It’s not in my top 10 favorites, but still has useful content.

 And in case you are more of a visual learner, here are 11 Excellent Email Marketing Infographics.

Now what?

Email Marketing is a great place to start when expanding your retail search knowledge, but if you’re looking to learn about Paid Search, SEO, Site Design, Content Marketing or anything online shopping related, sign up to get a copy of the Retail Search Holy Grail:

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