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By Tinuiti Team

The Future of Digital Brand Design

Metajive is a full service digital studio that focuses on creating unique experiences for users, clients and employees.  Succinctly, that means they build anything with pixels, from commerce experiences to iOS and android apps as well as installations for events and retail.Dave_Benton

Since 2004, the metajive team has created over 200 projects, from niche brands to Fortune 10 companies such as:

We spoke with Dave Benton, Interactive Creative Director at metajive to discuss his company’s unique services, thoughts on responsive vs. mobile design and the process of website re-branding.

Q. What are the biggest challenges in Digital Brand Design?

A. “Our clients generally face difficulties with differentiation and full explanation of their products and services.  In today’s economy with millions of products you need to speak to your audience with a clear differentiated message, which only gets harder as more products show up on our virtual shelves.


Q. How long does re-branding for a website typically take?

A. Our process ranges from 12 to 24 weeks depending on scope of the project which can be anything from more design rounds to an ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration.

There are so many variables when building a website, we have one project going now that is scheduled for 10 months to complete because of its scope and multilayers of client review periods.

Q. What is better responsive or mobile template sites?


A. There is no one answer for this, if responsive is done right it should do everything a mobile site does, but there are always exceptions to every rule.

Responsive is also more time intensive than just a mobile specific layout  – so spending more money might not be “better” for your company.

Q. What is metajive’s biggest accomplishment?

A. I am always biased towards our latest big project. We are very proud of our digital look-book for the Nike Sportswear Tech Pack line.

This project gave us great range to allow the brands voice to be heard and impact the description and impulse of the products.

Nike comes from a place of sport and performance so everything reflects that from the brand design to each stitch of the fabric.  We were also able to merge entertainment and shopping which gets a deeper level of engagement from consumers.

Q. What makes metajive unique from other competitors?

A. We are not for everyone. We are not simply executors, we pride ourselves on collaboration and doing something unique for every project. Even if the status quo is good enough for the client, it is not for us.

We also push clients into new things if we feel that is the best advice we can give the company, our best clients come to us to go beyond a standard client/vendor relationship.



Q. What is a bold prediction metajive has for online retail in 2015?

A. I see content and commerce becoming closer together every day.  In today’s world of instant access to information brands have to be authentic or consumers know.

This gives brands a chance to focus on what they are doing to define that voice and be proactive with content creation.



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