How Retailers Can Engage in Facebook’s New Advertising Program

From awareness to purchase, retailers can cater to the user’s journey through a variety of targeting options thanks to capabilities of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. With Facebook Advertising retailers have another avenue to promote inventory, while Facebook users can discover more relevant products in a native setting.

Last week, CPC Strategy hosted a course on “How to Set Up & Promote Facebook Dynamic Product Ads“.

There were a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to touch on, below we break it down with answers from Stephen Kerner, Senior Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy.stephen-kerner

Q. Can you please go over the landing page options again for the dynamic ads?

A. The landing page is going to be based on the product that is showing. The landing page that you set when creating the ad is going to be the last image in that multiple image ad unit.

Q. Can we use Facebook Ads without applying Facebook Custom Pixel?

A. No, Facebook has to be able to tell how someone navigated the site.

Q. Regarding the Dynamic Feed, is there a place (site, blog, etc.) where it would be shown exactly how to create product feed file?

A. For more information check out “How to Set Up a Facebook Product Catalog and Upload a Feed

Q. How do you add your product catalogs manually?

A. There’s a check box when you go to the product catalog section and when you click add feed – there’s an option for manual upload or automatic upload.


Q. When it comes to uploading a product feed, do we absolutely have to give Facebook a username and password (credentials for the feed) allowing Facebook to come and grab the feed from our server or can we somehow push the feed to Facebook on a schedule (without manually uploading it)?

A. You either host it on a URL and download the feed or you can send it to a (FTP) File Transfer Protocol (or they can grab it). You only need a username and password if you hosting it on a FTP. 

Q. Does adding the product feed mean that your products will show on your company Facebook page?

A. No it does not.

Q. Why do you want to exclude viewers in the last 5 days, but include ones in the 6-10 day window?

A. That is if you’re testing the different time ranges when people actually convert (excluding) – if you’re running a 5 day campaign and a 10 day campaign. If you don’t exclude the 5 day one your testing will overlap.

Q. Will the shopping ads be available using normal audience targeting methods as other Facebook ads?

A. You can use multiple image ad units with regular Facebook audience targeting. In terms of using the data from the feed to target audiences with products from the feed, the tests we’ve run so far haven’t worked. We haven’t been able to track it.

Q. I assume we can use the dynamic ads for targeting people that haven’t visited our site.  For example, could we serve North Face products to fans of The North Face?

A. Yes, this is also done through the multiple image ad unit, then you select North Face in the Interest.

Q. What do you do when you can’t make your product images fit the Facebook image ratio requirements? Are there apps that can help modify the images to fit Facebook’s dynamic format?

A. We don’t know of an app. At this point you would have to resize your images.

Q. Is there a way to extract email addresses from “likes” that we get from sponsored ads?

A. Not that we know of.

Q. I’ve set up my campaign, conversion pixels and remarketing pixels, events etc. My audience size has grown to 100 in the past 10 days but my campaign haven’t received a single impression yet. Can you advise on this?

A. We would have to take a closer look at the details of your account to determine that. For more information contact [email protected]

Q. How are product ads different from Perfect Audience retargeting? Are there benefits to using product ads vs. Perfect Audience?

A. Going directly to Facebook you will most likely see a lower CPC. Perfect Audience has different capabilities based on their software that can allow them to tweak their targeting slightly. Either one works, but Facebook does have really good targeting capabilities. It’s really a matter of what you prefer.

Q. How to create Feed URL and is it possible to automate this?

A. The feed URL is going to be set up on your ecommmerce platform. Yes, there is an ability to automate it but it will be platform specific.

Q. With Pinterest releasing Buyable Pins, does Facebook have any plans to allow payment directly through Facebook? If not, what are best practices for landing pages?

A. I don’t know if Facebook plans on taking payment or not. Could be a third party handling the transaction but that information has not been released yet.

Q. Do I need to store my FTP upload on my site, not like Google Shopping (which stores within the merchant center)?

A. Yes.

Q. Are there any specific feed uploading policies & guidelines (like Google Shopping) that will disapprove our feeds?

A. Yes, you can check them out here: Facebook Advertising Policies

Q. How do you see resellers using Facebook ads?

A. I see it as a way to reach new audiences, drive top of the funnel traffic, also to remarket to people who have been to your site, who have made purchases in the past, and to re-engage with people (brand/ product advocates). The possibilities are endless and depends on what the reseller wants to get out of it.

Q.  Would turning off Facebook ads via third party and going direct to Facebook be a smart route?

A. There would be some value to do both because third party tools have to go through FBX and not all of Facebook inventory is accessible to them.

Q. Should I not focus on retargeting my website visitors through Facebook and just focus on “custom lists” that find similar users?

A. There is incremental value, but you are selling ads to the same audience so you are competing with yourself but it is definitely worth testing out.


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