Amazon Audiences Pricing: 2020 Updates For Amazon DSP Campaigns

By Tinuiti Team

As an ecommerce giant, Amazon has an incredible wealth of first-party data about shoppers. Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) lets you leverage that data to build audiences and target Amazon shoppers based on their behavior and interests.

You can now use the Audience Builder on Amazon DSP to create retargeting audiences based on shoppers’ interactions with different brands, products, and searches.

Here’s how it works — and why it’s a great feature for Amazon sellers and agencies.

“Having the capability to retarget customers gives us the opportunity to target past shoppers and stay top of mind as well as prospect in an effort to gain new customers.”

Jordan Berry, Lead Marketplace Channel Analyst at Tinuiti



PRICING UPDATE: On January 1, 2020, Amazon will be updating pricing for Amazon audiences used in Amazon DSP display campaigns. The Amazon DSP audience fee is a cost per one thousand, or CPM, applied to Amazon audience segments.

Please see the table below:



AUD = Australian dollar (AU$)
CAD = Canadian dollar (CA$)
EUR = Euro (€)
GBP = pound sterling (£)
JPY = yen (¥)
MXN = Mexican peso (Mex$)
USD = United States dollar (US$)

Campaigns that go live after January 1, 2020 will be billed with updated pricing.

About Amazon DSP

The Amazon Demand-Side Platform (available within Amazon Advertising Services) enables advertisers to programmatically buy display & video ad placements. It also allows advertisers to reach, educate, and re-engage customers on and off Amazon.




There are two sides to Amazon Advertising including the Advertising Console and Amazon DSP — one is geared towards PPC (pay for clicks), and one is geared towards Display (pay for impressions).

You can use Amazon DSP to reach audiences on:


Amazon DSP ads can appear in any of the following forms:



Who Can Use Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is available to brands who sell products on Amazon (vendors and third-party sellers).

Amazon DSP is best for brands who want to:

There are two management options including:


How Does Amazon DSP Work?

Amazon DSP is a programmatic display advertising platform—meaning it uses technology to more efficiently buy and manage your display and video advertising mix.

“Basically, vendors can layer first-party data (3P demo data, client advertising match via Advertiser Audience, and traditional retargeting) across exclusive 1P advertising inventory (Amazon & IMDb) and all of the major exchanges.”

– Jeff Coleman, VP, Marketing Channels at CPC Strategy

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