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By Tinuiti Team is designed to provide the most relevant and compelling product information on product pages and Amazon search.Amazon sponsored products increase visibility

For Amazon sellers, the name of the game is getting more visibility on Amazon search (increasing Discoverability) and converting more detail page sessions into orders-Buyability.

Get More Amazon Clicks And Purchases Third-party sellers’ Amazon strategy is two tiered:

1. Focus on more traffic to product detail pages- or better product discoverability on Amazon.

2. Once sellers have increased product exposure, Buyability factors influence conversions, Buy Box share.

Driving shoppers to product pages (Discoverability) and converting those shoppers once they reach the product detail pages (Buyability) – are the major levers for Amazon seller strategy the basic tools for success on Amazon.

Sponsored Products is a valuable tool to drive Discoverability on Amazon. Moreover, Sponsored Products recent Campaign Manager and ad visibility update increases the value of this already useful tool for Amazon sellers.

Amazon Sponsored Products Overview

Sponsored Products is a CPC program for sellers on Amazon, which features product specific ads on search and product pages:

Amazon sponsored products

Sponsored Products appear based on search relevancy and targeted keywords, and click through to Amazon detail pages. Retailers in over 30 categories Computers and Beauty and Outdoors can choose to leverage Sponsored Products to their existing Amazon selling programs, incurring cost per click charges for user search targeted ads.

Sponsored Products is a tool which Amazon sellers can use to increase their products’ discoverability on Amazon.

How To Use Sponsored Products To Advance Your Amazon Strategy

Amazon’s marketplace is a huge landscape. Getting seen on search can be a challenge, especially when Amazon shoppers often search very specific items. Amazon Sponsored Products is a tool to positively impact Discoverability on Amazon.

Drive Discoverability

Amazon Sponsored Products are designed to give merchants on Amazon sellers more product exposure and visibility on Amazon. Sponsored Products are a good opportunity to get more real estate on search, and product pages. You can use Sponsored Products on Amazon to:

You can use Sponsored Products on Amazon to:


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