22 Questions on How to Increase Organic Search Visibility on Amazon – Answered

By Tinuiti Team

Increase Organic Search Visibility Amazon

The ability for a third party seller to have their offers seen on the Amazon Marketplace has become increasingly more difficult and pertinent as the competitive landscape has grown. Understanding which factors influence organic search visibility on Amazon is just the first in approaching this challenge. But what are the practical applications?

Last week, CPC Strategy’s Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy hosted a live course on how sellers can actually manipulate the factors that most profoundly influence Amazon SEO.sprigley-allan

There were a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to touch on, so here they are now with answers from Sprigley Allan, Head of Amazon Program Development, at CPC Strategy:

Q. How many clicks/impressions are enough to get a clue of the value of a keyword before you pause it?

A. It’s not so much a magic number for clicks or impressions about when you should take action on a keyword – it’s how much spend has that keyword accrued relative to the ASP, selling price of the item and the advertising cost of sale. This could also be relative to your cost of sale goals.

Q. How do you track paid traffic to Amazon without an intermediary landing page?

A. You can’t really track conversions – you can only track sessions and organic ranking.

Q. So you recommend automatic vs. manual campaigns if your content is optimized?

A. Automatic and Manual Campaigns can be run in conjunction with each other so I don’t view this as mutually exclusive. From what we’ve found – we’ve had more success with automatic campaigns and differentiating ad groups and CPC bids within those automatic campaigns however there is still value in those manual campaigns because you can target keywords that you’re automatic campaigns might not already be picking up.

You can also use your manual campaigns for targeting keywords such as a competitor’s brand name, that might not necessarily show up in a competitor’s campaign.

Q. An Amazon Sponsored Ad support specialist told me that Ad Groups don’t compete against each other in my account, but Campaigns do compete against each other for the same keyword. Can you comment?

A. This just means if you have a product in two campaigns that it will take the higher bid, but that you won’t compete against yourself.

Q. It sounded like you said the order or sequence of keywords in Search Terms makes a difference. Could you elaborate?

A. Yes, you want to put the search terms in the most logical order of what people would searched for.

Q. If you do not own your listings on Amazon and you match to an existing listing, can you adjust the Search Terms for Optimization?

A. No, if you don’t own content – the search terms are part of that content and you won’t be able to augment them.

Q. Are Sponsored Product Ads available for Canada?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a sense in manual Sponsored Campaigns if Amazon selects better performing ads to show or do they rotate the ads evenly?

A. Yes, ads are not just selected by bids but by relevancy and sales performance history.

Q. Can we register multiple brands within one Seller account? (Ex: We have different private label brands that we sell)

A. Yes, using brand registry you can register multiple brands.

Q. Does your data show that Amazon weights search terms higher if the term is repeated?

A. While Amazon says that repeating search terms has no value we have found some instances where it has.

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Q. Question about parent / child. If we have 4 sizes and 10 colors per size should we have 1 Master ASIN or 4 Master ASINs?

A. You should have one parent child relationship that has 40 child ASINs using the variation themed size and color.

Q. What is the best way to promote two different products that share the same keywords with Sponsored Products?

A. By advertising both and differentiating bids (curate keywords separately).

Q. Is there any way to find search terms people are using to organically find your products outside the Sponsored Products?

A. No.

Q. How can I be sure that my updates to search terms, titles, etc, will be pushed into the live Amazon catalog by Amazon?

A. If your product in brand registry and you hold the content you can update that content but if that content is being shared – you can’t guarantee that content is going to be taken by Amazon.

Q. Is there visibility on what is registered in brand registry? We’ve had issues where Amazon takes control of a product because they are selling it but there isn’t an easy way to tell which products we have control of in inventory view.

A. Yes, look under business reports – brand performance in Seller Central.

Q. Do positive reviews not count for much in the search?

A. Reviews matter for conversion and conversion impacts sales history. Sales history is one of the drivers for search rank. People say the amount of reviews is what drives search but it’s really reviews drive conversion, and conversion drives sales history and sales history is part of search.

Q. Search terms – how would you fill in the Search Terms if you have Parent – Child item? Which search terms should you fill in? The one from the Parent or those from the Child?

A. Child.

Q. How can we optimize the titles (and other elements) when we are using a technology partner to provide a data feed to Amazon from our Shopify site? (Ex: Add the brand and other recommended title elements)

A. It’s actually easier when you are using a technology partner. You can make your title a dynamic field that combine the other fields.

Q. Where do you download the performance data from your Sponsored Ad?

A. Reports – Advertising Reports within Seller Central.

Q. If we updated the listing’s title, or search terms, do we need to re-create an autotarget campaign?

A. You do not need to recreate automatically targeted campaigns, they will use the new content that you have given them.

Q. If the ad is in high performance, should we lower the bid price?

A. No, if the ad is performing really well.

Q. Do you see Amazon increasing their off-Amazon tracking? Right now I am using Amazon affiliates – but the reporting is really poor.

A. Through Amazon Marketing Services – yes.



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