Monster List of (Mostly) Free Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers

By Tinuiti Team

Must Have Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers


Time Management Tools for Digital Marketers

1) Yasttime management tool for digital marketers and email

There are plenty of different time-tracking tools out there, but Yast  is one of the best, by far.  Its intuitive interface is easy to understand and simple to use, making tracking your time less of a chore and more of a business priority.

For best results, though, don’t just use this tool for business.  Use it to track how much time you’re spending on unimportant tasks (e.g. goofing around online or watching TV at home) in order to “split test your life” and become more efficient overall.time management for digital marketers

2) Harvest

Harvest is the time tracking and productivity tool of choice for CPC. It’s a convenient way to organize your day and identify where you can optimize your activies.

3) Alarmed

Alarmed, a free app for Apple devices, is tool designed to boost external cues.

Like a customizable alarm clock, Alarmed lets you set single and recurring reminders, as well as add custom text, lead time, and snooze features.

4) TimeDoctor

It is a time management tool for remote and in-house teams. Marketers can use Time Doctor to analyse how much time is spent on various tasks and stay focused on important tasks avoiding distractions. It can be used to track time on the desktop, mobile and also using chrome app.

Additional Productivity tools for time management:


Email Tools for Digital Marketers

Below are my top favorite email productivity and organization tools:

1) Sanebox

Use Sanebox to filter out unwanted emails based on rules you set. If you are an email organization wiz, and or have multiple email rules set up- Sanebox may be unnecessary. Consider these email tips to improve your email productivity overall.

2) Charlie

Charlie is a contact preview tool which highlights information about your contacts, their activity, company, and web presence and the web via email.

Charlie is designed to prep you for upcoming meeting with contact briefs but you can also use the tool to get information for networking, sales, etc. My favorite element is the preview for common interests:

time management networking tool for marketres

Similar email contact preview tool: Rapportive

3) Captio

iPhone app to send notes to your email. Features offline capability, photo attachment and integration with GoodTodo, Evernote, and Remember The Milk (find more task management tools here).

4) Boomerang

Boomerang is by far my favorite tool of all time. It sync with Gmail to return and pre-schedule emails or threads at a future date or time which you productivity organization tool for marketers

Boomerang will bring the email thread back to your inbox, making it great for following up with clients, sales contacts and other colleagues if they don’t respond.

It has a free account that offers 10 boomerangs per month and also offer higher-level options from $4.99 to $49.99 monthly.

Additional Productivity tools for email:


Blogging Tools

1) WriteMonkey

If you’re working on a writing project that requires your complete focus, you need the WriteMonkey program.  Once activated, the tool transforms your computer into a full-screen writing environment that blocks out the distractions of standard computer interfaces.

Not only is it free to use, it’s highly customizable, allowing you to set the color schemes and options that make you as productive as possible.

3) WordPress

Chances are you’re already using WordPress for convenient and fast publishing. I recommend you utilize WordPress shortcuts for faster and more productive writing.writing time saving tool keyboard shortcuts


Consider also leveraging the Distraction free writing feature when creating articles for a simple, distraction-free interface:

distraction free writing on wordpress

Image Tools

1) Canva

Canva is my go-to image tool for content. I use Canva as both an image creating tool and image editor. Canva makes great graphic design within anyone’s grasp. It has hundreds of pre-designed layouts, elements, fonts and image styles that make it possible to design everything from a great Twitter header to a flyer for your business.

It offers free design elements, but also allows you to buy premium elements piecemeal, for about $1 each (at the moment). It also keeps track of all your designs in your account, so you can re-edit or re-download them as needed.

Other Picture editing tools for better productivity:

For free stock photo websites, consider these resources.

2) Gifcam

Gifcam is a screen capture app which has recording functionality. I use gifcam for all of the gif’s I create.

You may also want to consider experimenting with other screen capture and screencast tools including Recordit (Mac, Windows). If you are a windows user, Snippingtool is also a must.

Mind Mapping Tools

Mindmapping tools are integral for visual learners and organizers. If you aren’t a list person (find leading list tools here), mind-mapping can be a convenient and easy to follow way to organize projects and to-dos in an intuitive fashion.

1) MindMeister

MindMeister is the most commonly known mind mapping tool with functinality for  the Web,iOS and Android. MindMeister is convenient n that it has collaboration, task management,  integration as well as the ability to export,publish and present mind maps.

marketing organization and productivity with mind mapping

Other mind mapping tools for better productivity:


Not feeling quite productive yet? Check out other time-saving tools for digital marketers.


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