Google Trends Introduces Email Subscriptions

By Tinuiti Team

Google Trends, a product built to provide high-level search trend data and an invaluable tool for any online business, recently introduced an email subscription functionality.

The “subscribe” functionality will now allow users to stay current on trending searches via 3 types of subscriptions: Hot Searches for any country, Top Charts (currently only for the US), or Search Terms for any country of interest. Subscriptions are managed through a user’s Google account and Google has made it easy to subscribe, unsubscribe, and modify the parameters and email frequencies for each subscription type.

Google Trends Email Subscription Menu

Hot Searches

Hot Searches provide a list of the top trending/fastest rising searches by day and country and is normally updated by the hour. Users can choose from subscribing to “Hottest (only the hottest searches),” “Hotter (some hot searches),” or “Hot (all hot searches)” and can have emails sent “As-it-happens,” “Once a day,” or “Once a week.”

Google Trends subscriptions Hot Searches menu

Top Charts (US Only)

Top Charts provide trending data in predetermined categories and subcategories by Google. The 7 main categories are the following:

Each of these categories has their own set of subcategories and subscriptions can be done at the “All category (charts)”, a specific category, or specific subcategory level and users will be updated “As-it-happens.”

Google Trends subscriptions Top Charts

Search Term

Users familiar with Google Trends will appreciate the Search Term subsciption as it provides data specific to the user’s search term and country of interest (as well as worldwide). Email frequency can be set to “About once a week” or “About once a month;” however, it should be noted that these are “rough estimates and will vary between topics and over time.”

Google Trends subscriptions Search Term menu

Google suggests there are many practical uses of the subscription functionality ranging anywhere from businesses using it to track their brand, competitors, or industry trends to individuals using it to track personal interests such as sports teams:

Google Trends subscriptions sample - Liverpool F.C. Trend Report

Do you see yourself using the new Google Trends subscription functionality and, if so, how would you use it?

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