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To drive retail conversions on Facebook, retailers must understand how to leverage the social media platform’s vast and growing capabilities around audience targeting.

Earlier this week, CPC Strategy’s Senior Retail Search Manager Stephen Kerner, dove into how mastering the fundamentals of stephen-kernerFacebook advertising is essential to reach your target audience and improve ROI.

There were a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to touch on, so here they are now with answers from Kerner.

Q. What is the average ROI for conversion that you are seeing on FB advertising?

A. It ranges based on the client and the campaign we are running. We typically will gear the campaign to the clients ROI goal.

Q. Are connection audiences different than look-a-like audiences?

A. They are different. Look-a-like audiences are a copy of the demographics of your current list and Facebook applies that demographic and interest behaviors to its platform and builds an audience based on people who match up closely to that demographic.

Q. How do you make a look-a-like audience?

A. Go to your audience tab. Click build audience, select one, highlight it then you’ll have the option in the upper right hand corner to create look-a-like audiences. Choose percentage and click okay.

Q. What is your point of view on whether to use actual product photos vs. stock imagery for product or category ads?

A. The more creative you are with your product images, the better chances of engagement. The ones I created always got more engagement. If you’re using multiple product ad I would recommend just using stock images because those are easier to upload to Facebook.

Q. How well do high priced items (over $300) convert on Facebook?

A. I’ve seen some great results. Especially with items in the couple thousand dollars range. Typically because they have a longer buying cycle. People are going to do more research and sit on the decision before they make a purchase.

Q. If your main channel sale is Amazon, how can you track conversions using Facebook?

A. This is a challenge. It’s hard to track off Amazon traffic and the impact of that traffic. Suggestions: use affiliate tags for tracking. This is unfortunately something that is a lot more difficult to do than it should be.

Q. Is there a number you should target for your reach when creating a new ad?

A.  It really depends on the goals of the campaign. If you are trying to get more band exposure, and trying to get new people to your site, you want a larger reach. You will most likely see cheaper cpcs, but a higher COS. If you are looking for a better ROI you will want a more refined audience which will lead to a smaller reach.

Q. What is a dark post?

A. A dark post is an “unpublished” post. This type of post will not appear on your timeline but it can be accessed by any user with a direct link or by clicking through from an ad itself.

Q. How can I find my competitors on Facebook?

A. When setting up targeting for your ads, under interest you can type in the name of your competitors and Facebook should populate with suggestions, where you can select your competitors. In the screen shot, I show how Pepsi might target Coke.

Q. What’s the best way to target a cold audience with a direct response ad?

A. Create a need or a want with your ad, and be specific with who you are targeting. For example, if you are selling survival equipment, you might mention something about the extreme weather parts of the US are having. Or if you are selling a niche product like beer shirts, you will want to target people who are interested in Craft Beer.

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