With the rise of Stories on pretty much every other social media app, it's got a lot of us wondering what's in store for Snapchat. They invented the disappearing-message idea that has now made its way into the mainstream, and their app has little else to offer.

So what do they plan to do to stay relevant?

Snapchat has already rocked the boat in 2018 with their complete design overhaul, and not all of their users (read: barely any) were entirely happy with it. Although the aim was to make the app more user-friendly, many loyal users complained that it did exactly the opposite, while also emphasizing brand content over friend content (which is not what users want).

However, despite all of the backlash against Snapchat's app redesign, their user base hasn't suffered a significant hit. So maybe they're moving in the right direction, after all.

As a full-service digital marketing and social media agency, we always love to look at popular platforms' future plans. So here are a few other big moves Snap, Inc. is planning on making in 2018.

1. Ramping up E-commerce.

Nearly every social media platform has some type of eCommerce features integrated into it (to make it easier for us to spend money, of course), so it only makes sense that Snapchat would want to jump on the bandwagon as well. Ramping up e-commerce is a top priority for Snap in 2018, and they're currently working on developing e-commerce units for the app.

Users also may have seen that the company launched a store inside its Discover tab, promoting and selling Snapchat merchandise like sweatshirts and hats, in order to test its success. They're also working on testing QR codes to drive purchases, custom lenses and filters, and an in-app store for businesses to promote their products.

We're interested to see how the company decides to move into the e-commerce world to allow advertisers to sell their products directly through the platform. Seems like a good move!

2. We Finally Have Analytics.

Although Snapchat has a loyal user base who love the app, it is certainly behind the times in the world of social media. There's not an easy/intuitive way to find new people to follow, they've just recently removed the white border around uploaded content not taken in the app, and they're finally releasing a version of analytics for creators.

For most Snapchat users, you'll still only be able to see the typical metric: Daily Story view counts. However, creators who make official Stories or have large followings will now be able to see even more in-depth view counts and demographic analytics. These analytics include Total Story Views within a certain time period, Time Spent Viewing Stories within a certain time period, Unique Story Viewers, Average Time Watched, and Completion Rates. Creators will also be able to see audience demographics and interests.

This data can be helpful for businesses trying to leverage their Snapchat audience and turn them into paying customers. Now that users can also add "Swipe Up" links to their Stories, these insights could provide some excellent information for content creators.

We're most excited to see what Snapchat brings to the table in e-commerce. Check out more e-commerce insights here, and contact us to learn more about how we can help your business increase sales.

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